How can Pakistani companies help employees buy their first home?

How can Pakistani companies help employees buy their first home?

“Are you a government or a private employee?” is a question commonly asked in social gatherings once you start earning. If your answer is a government job, you are considered a king! And why not? We all know about the facilities and long-term security that comes with a government job.

But if your answer is a private job, you don’t get the same protocol.

There are numerous reasons why people dislike private jobs. For instance:

  • There is almost no job security in nearly all private organizations.
  • Paid leaves are often not offered in most private organizations.
  • The terms and conditions are stringent and sometimes unacceptable regarding pay scale.

These are the reasons why private employees come and go. They move to other organizations as soon as they get better opportunities and facilities than their former job.

So to retain the private employees for a more extended period, raise their working standard, and facilitate them in their basic needs, we have come up with the mind-blowing idea.

Show employees genuine care, and they will be with you for life.

It’s a common observation that employees continue working for the organizations where they receive the most benefits. These benefits could include a bonus, flexible working hours, paid leaves, paid overtime, insurance policies, medical or transportation facilities, or other benefits.

Just think for a moment, what’s the biggest dream of those who belong to the middle or lower-middle class and work hard day in and out to maintain their basic needs? The reason why most people try to save money their whole life? Yes! You have guessed it right, a personal home—a home where a person can live freely without any stress of paying rent every month, enjoy his carefree moments with family, and build beautiful memories for a lifetime. This is the dream of almost every other person who belongs to a low-income group.

As this dream is so glorious, the road to get there is a challenging one, especially in these tough times. Those who belong to the lower-income group can barely make ends meet with their monthly salaries. So, how can they transform their lifelong dream into reality? It’s nearly impossible for them.

Moreover, getting a house loan or a mortgage and constructing a house are hectic processes requiring additional legal documentation and processing. So it would be a great blessing for an employee to get their own home with the help of their employer through a streamlined process. What is more satisfying for an average man who works in a private company than to have the keys handed to his own home?

When the employees see that the organization is helping them get their dream house, which most people spend their whole life working towards, why would they even think to switch their job?

house financing in Pakistan

Practical Examples of House Financing

DHA, Bahria Town, Gulberg, Cooperative Officer’s Society, and the Commander City Project are all examples of projects that the organizations themselves have crowdfunded. The outstanding result of their efforts stands in front of us today. These organizations have top-notch infrastructure that meets international standards and is renowned across the world.

Another practical application of this idea can be seen in Faisalabad. Sitara Chemical Industries Limited (SCIL) signed a contract with AMC. AMC is Reall’s partner, which is currently working in Pakistan to supply housing facilities to low-income workers. The installments for the employees’ houses are deducted from their salaries every month. This way, they will be the owner of their own homes without being subject to the stressful homeownership process.

Why is it the right time to adopt this strategy?

  • Less Supply than Demand

 The population of Pakistan is above 200 million, according to the census carried out in 2017. According to the census, Pakistan’s urban population is 75,584,989, and its rural population is 134,074,288.

Unfortunately, the lifestyle is not of the international standard in our country. Moreover, even the infrastructure of the urban housing is not per international standards.

The number of houses is limited for the country’s increasing population. Pakistan presently needs 9-10 million homes, which is undoubtedly a vast number. When we keep the economy’s fragile state in mind, we can understand that government alone can not provide shelter to such a large portion of the population. So the private sector has to play its part. It is the need of the hour.

  • Failure of most of the government schemes

Now and then, we come across the news of new housing schemes initiated by the incumbent government, which go in vain when the next government comes to power and shuns the project. The problems of ordinary people and existing housing problems remain unsolved. So it’s high time that the private companies come forward and bring their employees’ lifelong dream of owning a personal home to life.

  • To build trust in the private sector.

Typically, ordinary people have trust issues in the private sector, and it’s generally due to the lack of facilities. If private companies start facilitating their employees’ dreams of owning a house, we can restore the public’s trust in the private sector.

  • Beat competitors in business

Nowadays, a decent salary and few bonuses are not enough to keep employees in their current positions. They look for better facilities, and not every private company is ready to think about the well-being of the employees during a time of high inflation.

So in this era of tough competition, any private company can outclass its competitors by giving higher values, the best working standard, and stability to its employees. A loyal and passionate team is necessary to take the business to the next level. Home financing can provide help to a great extent in this regard. This will bind the employees with the company based on the mutual benefit, and create a bond that is not easily breakable.

House financing strategies for private companies to assist their employees so they can build their own homes:

  • Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding enables individuals to contribute a specific amount to accumulate a large amount of money for a particular purpose. Nowadays, due to advancements in technology, you can do this quickly via different funding sites on the internet. In this way, the employees can raise funds for their housing scheme themselves. However, the company has to keep the check and balance itself for a smooth fundraising process.

We can see its practical examples in Bahria Town (crowdfunded by Pakistan Navy Employees), Defense Housing Authority (crowdfunded by Pakistan Army employees), Gulberg Islamabad (crowdfunded by Ministry of Interior Employees), and much more. If government organizations can do it, why can’t private companies do it too?

  • Guidance for buying a personal home

Private companies can play their part in guiding their employees to buy their own homes along with financial assistance. You can do this by making them attend workshops and providing helpful literary resources on mortgage financing, house buying tips, low down payment options, insurance schemes, saving tips, home grant assistance, etc.

financial aid in Pakistan

  • Financial aid

Financial aid has great importance in the property purchasing process. Private companies can help their employees acquire house loans from banks or other house financing firms by giving them all the necessary documents to apply for assistance. The second option is to provide loans in easy installments. This way, you can deduct a fixed, small amount from the monthly salaries of employees. This approach also helps build trust and ensures a high customer retention rate.

  • Shared Appreciation Mortgage

Another way you can help employees get their own home is through Shared Appreciation Mortgage. The process involves the company paying up to 20% – 40% of the total payment of the house, regardless of how high the whole amount might be. However, in this type of agreement, the employee can not sell the house until he gives the balance back to the employer with the appreciation amount.

  • Recruiting A real estate lawyer

Private companies can recruit a real estate lawyer to facilitate their employees’ house buying process. The lawyer knows more about property-related processing, so hiring them to help employees is highly beneficial. They can guide on contracts as well as other legal procedures in the best possible way.

Benefits of Housing Schemes for the employees

There are numerous benefits and positive outcomes of the practical application of this idea for the private companies in Pakistan, keeping in view the deteriorating state of the economy, the increasing inflation, and the financial condition of the laymen.

So now we will give you an overview of how this idea can prove to be a game-changer for private companies and private employees in Pakistan.

  • Mega discounts on bulk purchasing

It is a rule of business that the discount is guaranteed for anything purchased in the bulk quantity. So if the private companies start giving the employees their own homes, they have to buy a large number of houses or whole housing schemes (in the case of huge organizations). This way, they can get a maximum discount offer from the housing schemes, which is beneficial.

  • Pay lower salaries

If a private company adopts the loan lending method, it will be significantly benefitted. The company will deduct some amount from employees’ salaries every month to pay less than the actual salary. This deducted salary will go on a long way as the house loans are considerable, and it will take some time to pay them off. Moreover, there will be no worry of employees switching to other organizations too!

  • High employee retention rate

The companies that value their employees, take great care of their needs and provide them assistance to create lasting relationships with them. If an employee’s relationship with the organization is based on mutual trust and respect, the employees stay for an extended period, even for a lifetime!

  • Homeownership strengthens employees

The most expensive need in today’s era is a personal house. The employees who are worried about meeting their basic needs cannot perform well at work. A stress-free employee can actively participate in office matters. A company will secure its own time and resources by freeing its employees from the most prominent source of tension in their life.

  • The Smart investment for better business

A team of passionate people is mandatory for a smoothly run business. The team should consist of those who can contribute wholeheartedly for the organization’s benefit. This can be achieved only when companies value their employees. The mutual benefits ensure a long-lasting and better work relationship, which helps in speedy business growth.

It can be done via the Naya Pakistan housing facility.

We all know that the current government has initiated a housing scheme for low-income class workers.  We can merge the strategy described above with it. The government has asked the private sector for a vacant piece of land to visualize this scheme. Undoubtedly, the approval is given after proper scrutiny. So if any company has clear land, they can easily build a housing scheme for its workers, with the government’s help, at a meager cost.

What’s next?

We hope you enjoyed the ideas mentioned above to help Pakistani companies start a new trend in the Pakistani private sector. This trend undoubtedly has a long-lasting benefit for private employees and the company itself. If your creative mind has any other idea that you think is applicable, do share it with us in the comment section, as your suggestion means a lot to us.

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The 100 Achievements of Imran Khan after Becoming the Prime Minister

Each of us must remember the thrilling evening of August 2018. History was going to be made. Hearts were racing, and the nation of Pakistan, especially its youth, was on the seventh sky. And why not? After all, Pakistan was on the verge of entering into a radically new phase. The seventy years long status quo was on the brink of breaking.
And then..

We received the news regarding the victory of Tehreek-e-Insaf and its most famous leader, Imran Khan, in the general elections of 2018. With this victory, people were delighted. They had been dreaming of a sincere leader for Pakistan, and in the form of Imran Khan, their lifelong dream came true.

With great power comes great responsibility…

Imran Khan’s popularity among Pakistanis was not a hidden fact. Even before joining politics, he was pretty popular among the people of Pakistan for his achievements in sports (particularly the 1992 world cup that Pakistan won under his captainship) and his philanthropist activities, the greatest of which was the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital for the cancer patients.

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So, when in 2018, his party won the election, and he became the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the expectations were remarkably high. People saw in him a magician who would wipe out every disaster from Pakistan and instantly turn it into a developed country. So, after three years, when the outcomes are not up to the expectations of the commoner, the nation is frustrated. We can’t blame them. We can’t blame the government either. In fact, in a country where everything is on the verge of just being shunned, transformation can not come overnight and sometimes even in decades.

Imran Khan – The Light of Hope at the End of a Dark Tunnel
Suppose we overview the performance of Imran Khan’s administration during the last three years (Not to mention, he has two years left in authority to complete his government time). In that case, we can see lots of positive changes in nearly all the fields. From economy to education, technology to tourism, foreign policy to the national interest, we can see his hard work and sincere efforts bringing Pakistan back on track. Bear in mind; all these are long impacted policies; that’s why outcomes are not evident right now, but we will witness them in the upcoming years.

100 Achievements of Imran Khan after becoming the Prime Minister of Pakistan

So, let’s have a look at the 100 best policies and achievements of Imran Khan after becoming PM, to bring Pakistan back on the right track.

1. Construction Amnesty Scheme

The government of Pakistan has announced a construction amnesty scheme for the construction industry of Pakistan. The scheme was launched in 2019. In this scheme, anyone can invest their untaxed money in construction projects all over Pakistan. This scheme went very successful as it not only increased the circulation of money but also increased the employment ratio.

2. First time Pakistan made smartphone exported

Pakistan has exported about 5500 4G smartphones to UAE recently which were completely made in Pakistan . Imran khan’s business supportive policies have made this milestone possible in only just three years after becoming PM. Imran Khan is trying to adopt the ‘Made in Pakistan’ strategy to boost the country’s economy. Moreover, about 21 international mobile companies, have been given the authorization to manufacture and assemble smartphones in Pakistan.

3. Progress on CPEC Projects

Despite all the negative propaganda of opposition against Imran Khan regarding CPEC projects, the CPEC is going on smoothly. Although the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic somehow slowed down the progress, again it has come back on track. Several new major projects, which are part of CPEC have been initiated and completed in the government of Imran Khan, as said by Federal Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives Minister Asad Umar.100 Achievements of Imran Khan4. New Dams construction

The experts have already warned that there wouldn’t be water in Pakistan by 2023 if the new dams are not built.
Imran Khan’s government is no doubt, praiseworthy for starting building 10 new dams in his government, the need of the hour projects of Pakistan, which are likely to be completed by 2028. Among these dams, Diamer Bhasha and Mohmand Dams are mega projects. Their construction is smoothly going on the sites and the project will be completed by 2025 hopefully.

5. New Legislation for the protection of women

Imran Khan’s government has started serious work on women and children protection. The laws of Anti Rape Ordinance (2020), Criminal law (Amendment) 2020, Legal Aid And justice Authority Act (2020), Domestic violence bill (2019), Zainab alert response and recovery act (2020), Women Property Right Act 2020, etc were passed in the parliament for prevention of ever-increasing women-related crimes in the country.

6. New legislation against money laundering

Pakistan is on the watch list of FATF and can be blacklisted anytime. This means unimaginable damage and lots of sanctions on the country. That’s why Imran Khan worked on this ground actively and managed to pass three FATF-related Anti Money Laundering Bills in the year 2020, to harden the money laundering from Pakistan, to protect Pakistan from being blacklisted.

7. Current account deficit

In the year 2018, when the new government came into power, the current account deficit was $20 billion. Now due to the right strategies opted by the government, it has come down to almost $1.8 billion, which is a huge difference indeed.

8. Foreign reserves

When PTI came into power, the foreign reserves were $16.4 billion. Now when it has been almost three years since Imran Khan is leading government, the foreign reserves have reached almost $ 27 billion, the highest in the history of Pakistan. This clearly shows that we are on the right track on the road to development.

9. Foreign Remittance

If we talk about the foreign remittance, they were $19.9 billion back in 2018 when Imran Khan became the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He put into practice, the effective economic strategies to increase it up to $29.4 billion , definitely much better than in the former governments. He is trying his best to make Pakistan stand on its feet rather than to depend upon other countries.

10. Karachi nuclear power plant 2

It is indeed great news that Karachi nuclear power plant 2 has started working in the year 2021 and phase 3 is likely to be completed by 2022. Both phases two and three have a power generation capacity of 1100 MW and have been built with the help of Chinese investment.

100 Achievements of Imran Khan

11. One nation-one curriculum

We have been hearing about the importance of a single curriculum but nobody took a serious step for its implementation, except Imran Khan, who turned it into reality.

This will surely bring a positive change as a single curriculum will remove the class difference among the education system. Otherwise, there were different curriculums for students of different social classes, which made them somehow inferior in front of a certain class group.

The National single curriculum has been applied in the whole of Pakistan except Sindh. It will be completely implemented in Pakistan from 2023 onwards.

12. Kamyab Jawan Program

Imran khan’s main supporter in elections was youth and to facilitate this enthusiastic youth of Pakistan, Imran Khan has initiated Kamyab Jawan Program. This aims to provide technical and financial support for the startups of Pakistan. This will promote entrepreneurship among youth as well as solve employment issues to great extent.

13. Electric vehicle policy

Recently, Imran Khan has paved a way for the revolution in the vehicle industry of Pakistan by his Electric Vehicle Policy 2020-2025. Though the initial costs of electric vehicles are quite higher, they will become comparable with Fossil fuels vehicles by 2025. Moreover, the government is providing full support for the public and private sector to turn this policy into a great success, providing up to zero percent income and sales tax on all the equipment imported for this purpose.

14. Reforms in Bureaucracy

Imran Khan has approved Civil Servants (E&D) Rules-2020 to ensure the fair account of the civil service. This is the part of government policy of institutional reforms to improve the performance of bureaucracy and state institutions. For the first time, under this law, the inquiries must be done within 90 days, along with the plea bargain and voluntary return flexibility.

15. Best ties with armed forces in history

The relationship between the civil government and the military always gone up and down throughout the history of Pakistan. The nonserious behavior of the civil government and their indifference towards national interests, always created problems for the smooth democratic process in Pakistan.

The situation is completely different in the case of the government of Imran Khan. It would not be wrong to say that civil-military relations are on the best terms as compared to the previous governments of PML-N and PPP. The wise strategy of Imran Khan is behind these friendly ties.

100 Achievements of Imran Khan

16. Ahsas Emergency Relief Fund

For the first time in the history of Pakistan, we got to see a completely different face of government when it distributed money for the low-income group people, during the hard days of the COVID-19 pandemic. At that time, Pakistan looked like some foreign welfare state, which looks after its citizens like a mother. Almost Rs 180 billion was distributed among citizens as a relief during the pandemic under the Ahsas Program. The amount was given after proper investigation so that it can reach the needy citizen, rather than influential ones.

17. Production of medical equipment

The government of Pakistan under the leadership of Imran Khan, set to save around $1.4 billion which is being used in importing medical equipment. During the pandemic, Pakistan has started manufacturing even ventilators, which has now reached about 1150 ventilators/month. Moreover, medical zones are being set up to manufacture syringes, needles, cannulas, cartridges, wires, cables, cardiac stents, x-ray, and dialysis machines in Pakistan.

18. New hydropower projects

Two new hydropower projects have been initiated in the government of Imran Khan, Azad Pathan, and Kohala hydropower projects.
Azad Pattan Hydropower Project started on the Jhelum River, has a capacity of 700.7-MW. The Chinese company has invested 1.54 billion U.S. dollars for this project and the construction period of the project is around 69 months. This hydropower project will generate about 3.265 billion units of energy/ year along with a relief for the water shortage problem.

19. High-speed Broadband services for backward areas

To make the dream of Digital Pakistan true, the government of Pakistan has approved a contract worth Rs8.81 million to make sure the high-speed internet facility to the backward areas of Sindh, Balochistan, KPK, and Punjab. Moreover, contracts were made with local mobile internet companies too, under the Next Generation Broadband for Sustainable Development policy, worth Rs 4.7 billion to serve about 0.98 million people.

20. Roshan Digital Account initiative

Overseas Pakistanis are important assets for Pakistan, despite being out of the country. To facilitate them, Imran Khan initiated the Roshan Digital Account for them in the year 2020. This helps overseas Pakistanis to open and manage their accounts in Pakistani banks effectively. Roshan digital account services have increased the RDA deposits by over $200 billion by August 2021.100 Achievements of Imran Khan21. Ahsas Undergraduate Scholarships

Imran Khan’s government has started a marvelous scholarship scheme for the needy and meritorious students of undergraduate level. For this purpose,50,000 scholarships of Rs. 20 billion will be awarded to undergraduate students (50 percent girls) during the period of the next 4 years.

22. Ahsas Nashunama Program

Imran Khan has been emphasizing upon stunted growth even before becoming PM. To tackle this serious issue, he has started Ahsas Nashunama Program in high-rated stunt growth areas to provide health and nutritional support to children under 23 months of age. Initially, 50 Nashunama Centres have been opened at the designated locations in nearly 14 districts of Pakistan.

23. Ahsas Amdan Program

Imran Khan has started another excellent scheme for setting up a personal business and eliminating poverty. This is Ahsas Amdan Program, in which Rs 15 billion is being allocated to help poor people start their businesses. It has started functioning in 375 union councils of the 23 poorest districts of Pakistan.

24. Ahsas Langar

In partnership with the Saylani Welfare International, the government of Pakistan has initiated the Ahsas Langar Program for the poor community. Under this contract,112 Langars will be opened during 2 years, all across Pakistan.

25. Sehat card

To facilitate the lower-income class regarding expensive medical treatment, the government of Pakistan has initiated the Sehat Insaf Card program which provides completely free treatment. At the moment, Punjab, KPK, AJK, GB, Newly Merged Districts of KPK, Tharparker are covered in this scheme along with the people with disabilities and transgender community having NADRA card , but the government is trying its best to expand it to the whole of Pakistan.

26. APNA Ghar housing

Imran Khan’s government put great emphasis on the housing sector. He paved a way for the low-income group of people of Pakistan to have their own house in this era of hard times. As we all know, buying a personal home is not less than a mere dream, that’s why this APNA Ghar housing scheme is no doubt, a great blessing for citizens of Pakistan. The proposals have been asked from the government as well as the private sector to build around 5 million homes at the designated location.

27. Panagah (Shelter homes)

Imran Khan is probably the first leader who initiated the concept of Panahgah. Here people can stay and have meals, completely free, in a neat and clean environment, with equal respect, no matter which class they belong. Panagah is playing the role of sanctuary for poor people who don’t have any place and money to stay in other places.

28. Overseas voting

Overseas Pakistanis are, no doubt an integral part of Pakistan, despite being out of the country. These people spend huge amounts of money on Pakistan which helps a lot economically. They have been asking for the right to vote for a long time. Now the government has deciding to permit them to cast vote in the next elections. This will surely help them to remain involved with the politics of Pakistan.

29. Electronic Voting Machines

Electronic voting machines are common in developed countries for a long time. Although there is some misconception present regarding results, yet it is considered as a source of the flawless voting process and minimizes the chances of illegal voting. Imran Khan’s government is trying its best to conduct the next elections on them so that there would not be an issue of cheating. That would be a great step indeed, for the fair elections.

30. Less protocol to save hard-earned money

The lavish protocol of the government officials has been a hot talk of the media always. Everyone complains whether it is morally or financially right for a poor country like Pakistan, to spend millions on protocols.
So Imran Khan tried to be the first one to reduce it. He announced there won’t be higher protocols for the government officials even for himself. That’s why there is a difference now. Recently, he has announced to go to private functions without any type of protocol.

31. Small residence instead of lavish PM house

With his victory in the 2018 elections, Imran Khan announced he wouldn’t live in the luxury Prime Minister house. Instead, he would live in a small, simple living place. This helped to save around Rs1.85 billion, which were spent annually on the PM House maintenance formerly.

Moreover, for the first time in the history of Pakistan, the doors of the Prime Minister’s house were opened for common people, so that they can see how well their hard-earned tax money is being used!

32. Auction of Government luxury cars

Imran Khan’s decisions reflect his sincere efforts for the well-being of Pakistan. There were almost 102 luxury cars in the prime minister’s house. All were just an extra burden and around Rs 200 million were recovered from their auction, which were used for the betterment of the deteriorating economy.

33. Kisan program

We all know that Pakistan is an agricultural country and agriculture plays the role of backbone in our country’s economy. So to facilitate the agricultural sector and farmers, Imran Khan has initiated Kamyab Kisan Program. This aims to provide plants, tractors, and other agricultural resources to the farmers to help them scale up their business.

34. Ahsas Kafalat Program

Under this program, low-income class women will be given Rs 2000/month, after proper scrutiny, along with bank account and smartphones. Initially, only 70,000 women of seventy districts have been given a Kafalat card, to expand it to other parts of Pakistan too.

35. .Shuffling in cabinet

Imran Khan believes in the right candidate for the right job. This vision made him shuffle his cabinet members many times till this point. He is of the view it is never too late to realize and accept mistakes to perform better. So rather than keeping ineligible people on the important post, he shuffles them to give other people a chance to prove themselves.

36. No Compromise on Corruption Policy

The main slogan which made Imran Khan’s government so much popular in Pakistan was it’s a war against corruption. In a country like Pakistan, where corruption is just a Normal Everyday matter, Imran Khan waged war against it. This cause put him in the bad books of a lot of people. For the first time in Pakistan, we see numerous big fish behind the bars because of the corruption cases, which was a rare sight in former governments.

37. Investigation against own allies

No one doubts Imran Khan’s honesty, but it is also not necessary that an honest man gets an honest team. That is the case with Imran Khan. When some of his closest allies and friends, came under the radar of NAB, he started special inquiries even against them. This is something praiseworthy and hard to find the case in previous governments.

38. Green Stimulus Program

Green Stimulus Program was initiated to provide eco-friendly schemes to curb unemployment, protect the natural sites of Pakistan, and ensure eco-friendly economic growth. It will also help Pakistan to become an eco-conscious market in the world amid the global climate change crisis, which will bring a lot of foreign investment to the country.

39. 1.1 Trillion Karachi package

Imran Khan announced the Karachi development package worth Rs 1.1 trillion, for the first time in the history of Pakistan . Karachi, which is always neglected by the government, despite being the economic backbone of the country, will likely see positive transformation through this package.

40. Karachi circular train Inauguration

In September 2021, Imran Khan inaugurated the much-awaited and need of the hour project for Karachi, the Karachi circular train. Decades ago, it provided cheap and easy transportation facilities to Karachites, and the government of Imran Khan aims to bring back those glorious days to Karachi once again.

100 Achievements of Imran Khan41. Karachi BRT

To fulfill the Karachi development package,40 green line buses have arrived in Karachi. At the ceremony,40 more buses were announced to come by October 2021, and the project’s first phase will likely be started in November 2021.No doubt, this will prove to be a great relief for Karachites.

42. Kashmir policy

Imran Khan raised the Kashmir issue on every international forum and tried his best to grab the attention of the world. He determined to raise awareness of the Kashmir Cause and to help them get their right of self-determination under the UN resolution. He has mentioned no talks are possible with India unless the Kashmir issue is resolved.

43. Development Funds for Tribal areas

The tribal areas have been neglected of their rights in previous governments but Imran Khan announced the huge funds for their development in different sectors, like transportation, roads, tourism, etc.
After the merge of FATA into KPK, the tribal areas are now going to see their development under the government of Imran Khan.

44. Firm Stand on blasphemy and Islamophobia

Imran Khan is the first person in the history of Pakistan as well as in the world, who spoke bravely against blasphemy on the international platforms like the United Nations. He urged on the tolerance and harmony among different religions and emphasized stopping this heinous crime of blasphemy against every religion.

45. Khan’s Globally Recognized Addresses On The International Forums

In this era of Social Media, the popularity is measured by likes, shares, and views. In this way, we can proudly say that Imran Khan has surpassed top leaders regarding the addresses in the UNGA, where his speeches on the official YouTube channel of United Nations are the Most Watched, for the third consecutive year. In the 2018, his speech got about 4 million views. This 4M times viewed speech in the 74th session of UNGA, highlighted various national and international issues significantly. Whether it was the issue of Kashmir, Palestine, Blasphemy, Islamophobia, or money laundering, he spoke his heart out without any pressure.

Although, he attended sessions of 2020 and 2021 virtually, yet he got 300K and 326k views respectively in them too. Whereas ,Indian PM got only 177k views along with other top world leaders who got under 100k views only.

46. Blue economy package for Karachi under CPEC

To utilize 1054 km long coastline and to promote the Blue Economy in Pakistan, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs is all set to bring, the huge Chinese investment of about $3.5 billion into Pakistan . This game-changer project named ‘Karachi Coastal Comprehensive Development Zone’, aims to transform Karachi into a world-class Port city. It will have a modern fishery port, about 20,000 affordable houses for nearby slums, a desalination plant, a fisheries export processing zone, and a harbor bridge connecting Manors and Sandpit Beach. It will surely change the face of Karachi along with sustaining eco-friendly economic growth.

47. Pakistan’s Addition in Methane Pledge Club

Due to the Imran khan’s eco-friendly projects and as an acknowledgment of Pakistan’s role to combat climate change, Pakistan got a special invitation to join the Methane Pledge Club, which it has accepted wholeheartedly. The club was formed by the US and EU to cut down 30% Methane emission, which has 80% more warming effects than carbon dioxide. Now Pakistan is among its 24 new members to create an eco-friendly environment.

48. 6th most popular world Leader

Imran Khan was, no doubt a famous personality even before joining politics. After becoming the PM of Pakistan, his popularity has increased to a great extent. Around 10.4 million people follow him on Twitter, which makes him the sixth most famous leader on the microblogging site.

49. Increased Exports

Due to the supportive policies of Imran Khan, the country is seeing a record increase in exports. Pakistan’s exports have increased around 8.32% from $2 billion in November 2019 to $2.17 billion in November 2020, under the remarkable initiatives taken by the government.

50. Citizen portal app

For the first time in the history of Pakistan, the citizens have got the opportunity to enter their complaints in the prime minister’s office directly without any third party. The Prime Minister then takes notice of those complaints and a respective response is given. Moreover, it shows the status of complaining too so that citizens can check where they are standing in the resolution of their issues.

51. Kartarpur Corridor Opening

Imran Khan’s government came into power with the vision of creating better ties with neighbors including India, with whom Pakistan has fought three deadly wars. Despite the painful history, Imran Khan tried to give peace another chance and opened the Kartarpur Temple, a sacred place for Sikhs.

This step increased the popularity of Imran Khan and the soft image of Pakistan in India and especially among the Sikh community.
52. Peaceful Afghanistan Policy

Imran Khan always emphasized the political solution of the Afghan conflict rather than the military. Now the backup of Taliban and US forces withdrawal from Afghanistan has proved the right approach of Imran Khan. Moreover, after decades, the Pak-Afghan ties have become much better, under the leadership of Imran Khan.

53. Effective Foreign Policy

Imran khan’s foreign policies have clearly shown his understanding of the international affairs. After decades, Pakistan is going on the right track under the leadership of Imran Khan, shifting from traditional foreign policies to modern diplomatic rules. Whether it is national interest or international matter, things are quite different now as compared to the regimes of former governments.

54. On arrival visa policy for 45 countries

To accelerate the tourism sector of Pakistan, Imran Khan has proposed an On Arrival Visa policy for 45 countries, for 30 days. This will surely attract the tourist towards Pakistan and support the economy.

55. Gilgit Baltistan Development and Provincial status

Gilgit Baltistan was one of the most neglected areas of Pakistan. To comfort the people of Gilgit, Imran Khan has initiated a development project of Rs 370 billion, which will be spent on the tourism sector, education, and skill development of the youth of Gilgit Baltistan.
Moreover, the people of Gilgit have been demanding the status of the province but the former governments didn’t take their demands seriously. Now Imran khan’s government has granted a provincial status to Gilgit, with its provincial assembly, to comfort them, without backing from a firm stand on the Kashmir issue.

56. New Tourist Hotspot-Pakistan

Due to the e-visa and on-arrival visa policies, Pakistan is going to be one of the most attractive tourist spots. Recently, the British Backpacker Society has ranked Pakistan as the third-highest potential adventure destination of 2020. Moreover, the Conde Nast Traveller(magazine) also listed Pakistan as the top tourist destination for 2020.

57. TV channel to fight Islamophobia

To fight against blasphemy and Islamophobia, Imran Khan signed a contract with the prime ministers of Malaysia and Turkey in the 74th UNGA meeting. Under this contract, a BBC-like tv channel will be launched to highlight the issues of the Muslim world, along with the production of films, series, and documentaries on Islamic history, which will surely help to develop a better understanding of Islam in the world.

58. Release of Pakistani Prisoners from foreign jails

Imran Khan always keeps the overseas Pakistanis include in his policies even if they are prisoners in foreign jails. He took a personal interest to free a large number of prisoners from foreign jails of different countries. That’s why, around 8608 Pakistani prisoners have been released from overseas jails of KSA, Emirates, Thailand, Malaysia, etc during the past three years.

59. Huge investments in the Textile industry

To make the Imran Khan’s policy ‘Made in Pakistan’ true and decrease the imports, recently Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) has agreed to invest around $5 billion in the deteriorating textile industry. This aims to employ around 500,000 workers along with the promotion of local manufacturing, with its 100 units build across the country.

60. Registration of Madrassa

Imran Khan formed the Directorate General of Religious Education in 2019 for the registration and development of Madrassah in Pakistan. He aims to include the Madrassahs too into the mainstream education system. There are approximately 3500 seminaries in Pakistan, of which around 5000 have been registered by the government till now.100 Achievements of Imran Khan61. Firm stand on Palestine

Palestine has been under the oppression of Israel for a long time but the whole world plays the role of a dumb and deaf audience under the influence of Israel. Though Pakistan has been emphasizing the right of freedom of Palestine, Imran Khan pointed out this critical issue on the world forums in a more effective way. He strongly condemned the oppression of helpless Palestine along with the aid during recent attacks on Gaza.

62. Prevention of deadly war with India

In 2019, when India removed the special status of Kashmir by removing section 370,35-A of its constitution, the clouds of war started accumulation over South Asia. That time too, Imran khan’s acted sensibly despite the full war mood of India. Imran Khan’s government even returned the captured pilot of the Indian air force, which was applauded internationally. On the other hand, Imran clearly warned the world of Deadly Consequences, in case of any misadventure.

63. German airline resumes flight operations

Due to the new and reformed business opportunities in Pakistan, an international airline company, Lafthansa has announced to resume its flight operations in Pakistan, from 2022, after 13 years . The decision was made during the meeting of the German delegation and the Pakistan Board of investment officials.
Along with the flights, this second largest European airline(in terms of passengers) wants to start the cargo flights too.

64. Minimum wage for labors

It is a marvelous step taken by the Imran Khan government to increase the wages of the low-income group people and labor. This announcement was properly made in the budget of 2021 to 2022, according to which, the wages of laborers and the working class must be at least Rs 20,000.

65. Biometric verification for dollar purchase

To prevent the outflow of dollars from Pakistan and unpredictable situations in the country, the government has recently applied the condition of biometric verification on the purchase of $500 or more. This will surely keep the exchange of dollar stable in Pakistan, despite reaching its record height of Rs 171.

66. BRT Peshawar

Bus Rapid transit (BRT) was a long-awaited project which was finally opened for the public in 2020 by the government of Imran Khan. It is a modern transport system, which ensures the smooth transportation along with the reduction of pollution. This project has a 27 km main route along with an extra 60 km track which joins the whole of Peshawar together.

67. 66.3x more Roads than former governments

Imran Khan aims to connect the whole of Pakistan with the construction of roads and highways. For this purpose, he has inaugurated several highways and motorways during the last three years. Moreover, these roads are about three times more as compared to the roads constructed in former governments, with the saving of Rs 12 billion with the help of competitive bidding.

68. New universities

Imran Khan is well aware of the condition of education in Pakistan. After becoming PM, he inaugurated the number of universities for the students of Pakistan. The University of chakwal, University of Hafizabad, Namal knowledge City Phase 1, Pak-Austria Facchochschule institute, Sialkot University of Engineering and Technology, etc are, to name a few.

69. Highest Tax Revenue

In the previous governments, the citizens were not used to pay taxes as they did not trust the government. Imran Khan ensured citizens of Pakistan that their hard-earned tax money will be spent on themselves rather than on the luxuries of government officials. The Pakistani nation believes in the honesty of Imran Khan as his former track record of philanthropy is clean. That’s the reason now the tax revenue in Imran khan’s government has increased from $3800 billion to $4700 billion in just three years.

70. Pension increment

Imran Khan has granted an increment of up to 10% in the pensions of the old citizens. This is another step of Pakistan towards Riyasat-e-Madina, which takes care of its old citizens.

71. Less expensive foreign visits

Imran Khan has done the record less expensive foreign visits as compared to the former governments of PML-N and PPP. Only $680,000 was spent on his 12 foreign visits which are just half of one visit in the former governments.

Moreover, he does not take unnecessary officials with him on his foreign visits, unlike previous governments.

72. .No more ‘Do More’

The ties with America have always remain unpredictable for Pakistan. Despite losing millions of dollars and precious lives of Pakistanis, nothing was satisfactory for America who always demanded Do More from Pakistan. Only Imran Khan has the guts to tell America that there won’t be any Do More, anymore. Imran Khan refused clearly to let America use the land of Pakistan for the wars of other countries and to put the lives of Pakistanis in danger once again.

73.Privatization of Steel Mills

The deteriorating condition of steel Mills was not a hidden fact. It was nearly stopped giving profits since 2015. Imran Khan took a bold decision to privatize the Steel Mill. For the same purpose, the government has put its 51 to 74 percent shares for sale, intending to stand it on its feet once again.

74.Allama Iqbal Industrial City Inauguration

With the help of Chinese investment, under the umbrella of CPEC, Imran Khan inaugurated the Special economic zone, Allama Iqbal Industrial City, near Sahiwal. This is the first step towards the government’s vision of Industrial Pakistan, with the investment of Rs 400 billion, creating 300,000 employments and more than 557 industries in various sectors.

75.UNHRC Re-election

Pakistan has been selected for the fifth time, as an active member of the United Nations Human Rights Council. All because of the sincere efforts of Imran Khan on highlighting the human rights crises in deprived regions, Pakistan managed to be reelected for this post.

76.Digital Pakistan Initiative

Under the leadership of Imran Khan, Pakistan is all set to shift towards digitalization. To make this vision reality, Imran Khan has initiated a Digital Pakistan Program which aims to provide better connectivity, e-governance, building digital infrastructure, teaching innovative skills and a sense of entrepreneurship among youth, etc.

77. NAB recoveries in corruption cases

Due to the strict policies of the government against corruption and money laundering, the ratio of the money recovered in corruption cases has increased significantly. During the last three years of Imran Khan’s government, around Rs487 billion has been recovered by NAB in the corruption cases, which is indeed, a record amount.

78. Crypto Currency Policy

To keep pace with the changing world, Imran Khan has made a federal committee to set rules and regulations for the mining and trading of the CryptoCurrency in Pakistan, which is still not legalized in Pakistan. This will surely help in wealth creation and massive investment in the country. Moreover, the country’s first mining plant has already been set up in KPK province.

79. Eco-Resorts establishment

For the first time in Pakistan’s history, three eco-resorts have been initiated by the government in the Nagar Valley. It aims to promote the eco-sensitive tourism along with the employment opportunities for the locals. It has been opened, with the cost of Rs10 million through the local conservation committee, covering a total of 10 kanals , and ensuring the protection of local Wild Tigers.

80. Special care for Balochistan

Balochistan has been neglected by the former governments despite being the largest and the most natural resourceful province. Imran Khan has taken a special interest in the development of Balochistan. Numerous new projects have been started in the past three years of Imran Khan, like Gwadar international airport, desalination plants, health care facilities through Sehat Cards, motorways, etc.

100 Achievements of Imran Khan81. National language promotion

Imran Khan has taken initiative to promote the national language and use it at all the official meetings. The PM house also announced that all the activities related to Imran Khan will be in Urdu so that the common man can easily understand them . He always condemns the English speaking in parliament and Senate, as the common man can’t know what exactly is going on.

82. Air safari resume to boost Tourism

Pakistan has one of the highest peaks in the world, the K-2. To boost tourism in Pakistan, according to the vision of Imran Khan, PIA has resumed its Air Safari Service after 14 years. This Air safari service provides a scenic view of the K-2 and it will surely attract the mountains lovers, towards the splendid Northern areas of Pakistan.

83. New health care centers Inauguration

The government of Imran Khan has launched several new health care centers throughout Pakistan to ensure the best medical treatment.

Isolation Hospital and Infectious Treatment Centre (IHITC), Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar – Medical, Surgical and Allied Services Block, DHQ [District Headquarters Hospital] Hafizabad, DHQ Chakwal,250-bed Peshawar Institute of Cardiology, etc are to name a few.

84. Local Car Assembling Plants

An international automobile company, BAIC is going to start the booking of its locally assembled car for buyers. It is indeed a new chapter in the industrial development in Pakistan.

The assembly plant has the capacity to assemble around 24,000 cars per year within Pakistan, which will surely reduce the burden on our developing economy.

85. Pakistan space program

The government of Pakistan, under the leadership of Imran Khan, has done a great job in the field of space technology too. Pakistan has sent two satellites into space with the help of its all-weather friend, China. Moreover, Pakistan aims to send our first astronaut into space by the year 2022 . This is indeed a big dream and will be a breakthrough in Pakistan’s space program.

86. Clean Green Program

Clean Green Pakistan initiative is a volunteer-based five-year campaign of Imran Khan, which aims to promote civic sense and volunteership among citizens. Moreover, the climate change issue can be tackled to a great extent by this scheme. Various projects are going on smoothly under this drive like Solid waste management, plantation drive, hygiene, sanitization, clean water, etc.

87. Al-Beruni Radius Initiative to promote Pakistani heritage

Pakistan has one of the oldest civilizations in the world and by utilizing them, we can easily boost our economy. For the same reason, Imran Khan has initiated Al-Beruni Radius in Multan to support the tourism of ancient places in Pakistan. A model village will be made here, for the local and foreign tourists, interested in the remarkable heritage of Pakistan.

88. Climate-friendly projects

Imran Khan is well aware that Pakistan is among the vulnerable countries regarding climate change. That’s why his government has initiated numerous environment-friendly projects to tackle this serious issue. Some of these projects are plantation drives, electric vehicle policy, reduction of smoke, clean energy target of 60 percent by 2030, replacing two planned 2600MW coal power plants with hydropower projects, etc.

89. Federal Government Properties Management Authority (FGPMA)

To properly manage the government-owned properties across Pakistan, Imran Khan’s government has developed a body called Federal Government Properties Management Authority. It has legal powers to develop assets through various modes to ensure the best value for money to increase the revenue for the country.

90. Debt relief during COVID-19

During the hard days of COVID-19, even the developed countries were suffering badly. In that scenario, one can only imagine the agony of the deprived nations of the world. Imran Khan requested the developed countries to give relief to the poor countries in terms of debts. Through his effective strategy, he succeeds in getting around $2.4 billion in debt relief.

91. SME Asaan Finance Scheme

Small and medium enterprises always face hurdles in obtaining financial support from the local banks. To solve this issue, the government has started the SAAF scheme in partnership with the State Bank Of Pakistan, to give up to 40% to 60% guarantee of loans to the local bank. In this way, SMEs can get financial assistance up to 10 million from local banks for three years.

92. Pakistan pavilion in Dubai Expo 2021-2022

To attract foreign investment and tourists towards Pakistan, the government has set up a mind-blowing Pakistan Pavilion At Dubai Expo with the theme of Discover Pakistan, A hidden treasure. The beautifully designed Pakistan pavilion has an area of 35,000 sqft, which cost around Dh77 million.

This will surely build a better and soft image of Pakistan among the foreign investors and international community.

93. Improved Ease of Doing Business Global Ranking

It is overwhelming to see that Pakistan has improved a lot in terms of ease of doing business, during the past two years. According to the latest report, Pakistan advanced from 39 places to 108th place on the ease of doing the business global ranking, with the government aims to improve more and come under 100 in the coming years.

94. Chinese investment in the petrochemical industry

Under the best economic policies of Imran Khan, more and more investors are attracting to the Pakistan market. One major investment that is in pipeline is the huge investment of about $15 billion in the petrochemical industry, by the Chinese investors. The talks are underway and likely to be completed on a signed agreement.

95. Greater budget for education

Imran Khan is well aware of the problems of the education sector of Pakistan. That’s why, he has announced Rs108 billion for the Higher education commission , in the budget 2021-2022. This will be used for several new and maintenance of old educational projects.

96. Billion Tree Honey Initiative

To utilize 12 different climate zones to increase the production of 12 different kinds of honey, Imran Khan has launched a unique, Billion Tree Honey Program. This is likely to increase the production of honey up to 70,000 metric tons per year.

97. Crackdown against Land grabbers

PTI government took a massive step to initiate the crackdown against big fishes holding government land illegally. This step was taken after proper permission from the Supreme court and huge acres of government-owned land were recovered all over Pakistan. Only in Punjab, around 8,085 acres worth Rs210 billion was recovered.

98. Power Relief Package for industries

Imran Khan’s government was the first one who announced an excellent power relief package for the industrial sector. He removed the peak hours charges, along with relief of around 50% for larger industries and 25% for Small and medium industries . This package clearly showed his dedication to the promotion of local manufacturing.

99. STEM pilot project

To make the self and problem-based learning a reality, Imran Khan has initiated a STEM Pilot project for the 9 to 12-grade students. This game-changer project will provide around 100,000 meritorious students of 450 public schools throughout Pakistan , to learn the international level scientific education and to open their minds towards research-based learning.

100. Effective tackling of COVID-19

Imran Khan was well aware of the situation of daily wagers in Pakistan that’s why he was totally against the complete lockdown. Even the developed countries did not able to hold their citizens in complete lockdown so how could a poor country like Pakistan do that? That’s why he adopted the Smart Lockdown strategy and gave around Rs 1.2 trillion relief package. His effective strategy was considered one of the best by WHO.


Overall, Imran Khan’s government is not bad at all. After all, it is a mess created over seventy years. So the cleansing process will take a long time. We can’t expect Imran Khan to wave a magic wand and make everything alright instantly. Countries and nations take centuries to reform and to become prosperous. Similarly, Pakistan has a long way to go before it reaches the peak of success that we have always dreamed of.

Now tell us, what are your views regarding Imran Khan’s performance till this point? Please feel free to share any other achievements Imran Khan has witnessed. We will be more than happy to hear your views.100 Achievements of Imran Khan


Eclipse Peshawar

Located in Peshawar, the Eclipse Peshawar project is a residential and commercial project that offers luxury apartments and commercial shops at affordable rates. It is located on Main Peshawar Ring Road and aims to provide an exclusive living to the people of the city. Peshawar Ring Road is only a few minutes away from the G.T. Road & Motorway.

Eclipse Peshawar

Three high-rise towers have 33 stories each in Eclipse. There are approximately 400,000 square feet of covered area in the project. There are 1,714,359 square feet of open space. A total of 6 floors are dedicated to the Eclipse Mall, 4 stories dedicated for parking, and the remaining floors to apartments of different sizes.

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The most striking feature of Eclipse Peshawar is its exclusive location on Ring Road Peshawar just 10 minutes away from Prime Hospital Complex Peshawar and Peshawar Golf Club. All the famous areas of the city are easily accessible from Eclipse. You can access hospitals, Universities, schools, and hotels, within a few minutes from the location of the project.

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Payment Plan

In the eclipse project, you can book your unit by paying a 10% down payment and the remaining amount of the unit can be paid on an installments plan.

Eclipse Peshawar

Apartments Payment Plan

The apartments are available in 1 Bed, 2 Bed, 3 Bed, and 4 Bedroom sizes. The total price of a 1-Bed apartment is Rs. 7,800,000 and you can book a 1-Bed apartment by paying a downpayment of Rs.780,000 only.

The 2-Bed apartment can be booked by paying a downpayment of Rs.1,723,000 and the total price of the unit is Rs.17,232,000.

A 3-bed apartment can be booked by paying 2,632,000 and the total price is Rs.26,326,000.

In Eclipse Peshawar 4 Bed apartment price is Rs.41,448,000 and you can book it by paying a 10% downpayment of Rs.4,144,000.

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Shops Payment Plan

The shops in eclipse Peshawar sizes are ranging from 137 sq. ft. to a maximum size of approx. 1518 sq. ft. The prices of the shops are starting from 10,960,000 to a maximum price of Rs. Rs.121,440,000. You can book your shop by paying a 10% down payment and can pay the remaining amount in installments.


  • Electricity
  • Sui Gas
  • Water
  • Well-planned infrastructure
  • 4D Cinema
  • Car Parking
  • Rooftop Helipad
  • Gyms
  • Squash Court
  • Food Court
  • Infinity Swimming Pool
  • Sky-Walk
  • Tiled Flooring
  • High-quality fittings and finishes

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Contact Details

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J7 Icon Islamabad

J7 Icon is a latest project of J7 group located at prime location of Mumtaz City with a close proximity to New Islamabad International Airport.

J7 Icon Islamabad

J7 Icon is a commercial project located in Mumtaz city offering world-class hotel apartments, food courts, commercial shops & corporate offices. J7 Icon is a well-planned and well-designed building in which each floor is dedicated for specific purpose/services.


J7 Icon is located at exclusive location of Mumtaz city only few minutes away from New Islamabad International Airport and to location of the project is easily accessible to all the sectors of twin cities.

Neighboring Areas

  • New Islamabad Airport
  • Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway Toll Plaza
  • Tarnol Motorway Link Road
  • Airport Enclave Islamabad

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Payment Plan

The project offers corporate offices, hotel apartments and commercial shops. All these units are available in different sizes at affordable rates. In J7 Icon the rate per square feet on each floor is different. The rate per sq. ft. is ranging from 22,000 –

The rate per square feet on lower ground, first, second, third, and fourth floor is Rs.47000 & rate per square feet on corporate floor is Rs.22000 and ground floor is Rs.55000.

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About Developers

J7 Group are the developers of J7 Icon. J7 Group is an association of well- educated and highly professionals who are aiming to deliver an international standard commercial project in Mumtaz City.  J7 group have delivered multiple residential and commercial projects in Pakistan.

Features & Facilities

  • Reception
  • Modern Gym
  • Food court
  • Smart Car Parking
  • Lobby
  • Spa
  • Dining Area
  • Kids Playing Area
  • 4D Cinema
  • Electricity
  • Sui Gas
  • Water
  • Rooftop Amenities
  • Restaurants
  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Elevators
  • Tiled Flooring
  • Modern Architecture
  • Waste Management
  • Security

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Booking & Information

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J7 Solitaire

J7 Solitaire an upcoming project of famous Pakistani developers J7 Group. J7 Solitaire will be located in Mumtaz City Islamabad. According to the authorities the project will be launched soon.

J7 Solitaire Islamabad

According to the initial information the project will be a residential and commercial project and well-planned apartments and shops are part of J7 solitaire. We will update the information about the size of apartments and shops as soon as the project is launched.

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The location of J7 Solitaire is Mumtaz City Islamabad. The project has easy access to all the neighboring sectors of Islamabad city and Rawalpindi.

Neighboring Areas

  • Srinagar Highway
  • Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway Toll Plaza
  • Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • Thalian Interchange

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Payment Plan

The project is not launched yet that’s why no initial information about the project is available. We will update the J7 Solitaire payment plan soon.

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About Developers

J7 group are the developers of this project. They are among the best developers of Pakistan as they have delivered many state of the art real estate projects. Because of their good portfolio it is expected that their this latest project will be developed and delivered on time.

Features & Facilities

  • Electricity
  • Sui Gas
  • Clean Water
  • Elevators
  • Lifts
  • Restaurants
  • Security
  • Brand Outlets
  • Parking
  • Kids Playing Area
  • International standard construction and finishing
  • Entertainment
  • Tilled Flooring

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Booking & Information

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J7 Emporium

J7 Emporium a project of J7 group located in B-17 Islamabad. The project is a residential and commercial project offering apartments, penthouses, corporate offices, and commercial shops in B17 Islamabad.

J7 Emporium

J7 Emporium is a multi purpose real estate project which is further divided into different sections. In J7 emporium there are J7 Homes, J7 Loft, J7 Life, J7 Panorama, J7 Corp, & J7 Mega Mall. This mega project covers an area of approx. 23 kanals on which this modern architectural project will be constructed.


The project is sited at excellent location of sector B17 Islamabad only 10 minutes away from CPEC motorway interchange. The project has easy access to all the areas of twin cities. The project is only 15 minutes away from E11 Islamabad and 30 minutes away from zero point Islamabad. Islamabad Toll Plaza and Saddar Rawalpindi is also few minutes away from J7 Emporium.

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Neighboring Locations

  • Taxila
  • Wah Cantt
  • Tarnol
  • Margalla Avenue
  • Sanjani
  • G-15 Islamabad
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J7 Homes

In J7 homes there are luxury Studio, 1 Bed, 2 Bed, and 3 bed apartments & luxurious Penthouses of different sizes available at reasonable rates. All these apartments and Penthouses have provision of world-class amenities to facilitate the residents. You can enjoy amazing panoramic views of the city from balconies of the apartments/Penthouses. The quality of construction, finishes and fittings of the whole project are according to the international construction standard.

J7 Loft

In J7 Loft there are luxury 5 start hotel apartments to deliver the unmatched luxury to the resident of the hotel. A modern banquet hall is also part of J7 loft to host the private and public events. You can host weddings, fashion shows, private functions, mehfils, birthday functions, anniversaries in Banquet Hall.

J7 Life

In J7 Life there is a swimming pool, and play land for kinds on this floor.

J7 Panorama

The J7 Panorama is a high quality bridge with glass flooring, walls and celling so that you can enjoy a 360 view of the city.

J7 Corp

On the J7 corp. floor there are well-planned offices and co working spaces for business and organizations. In J7 corp different size of offices and working spaces are available.

J7 Mega Shopping Mall

J7 Mall is the main highlight of this whole project. There are  6 storys of the mall in total in which there are shops, food courts, restaurants, outlets of national and international brands, and much more.
6 story mall with wide atrium elevators escalators etc.

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J7 Emporium Payment Plan

In Emporium you can book your unit by paying a 25% down payment and pay the remaining amount on installments. The prices of each unit on each floor is different because of their different rate per square feet.

The rate per sq. ft. of lower ground and ground floor is Rs.48000. The rate per sq. ft. on 1st and 2nd floor is Rs.43000. The rate per sq. ft. of food-court in J7 Emporium Mall is Rs.51000. The rate per sq. ft. of J7 emporium hotel apartment is Rs.12000 and residential apartment rate is Rs.9500 per sq. ft.

In J7 emporium world-class penthouses are also available at the rate of Rs.20000 per sq. ft.

Ground Floor Level One: 48000
Ground Floor Level Two: 48000
First Floor: 43000
Second Floor: 43000
Food Court: 51000
Hotel Apartments: 12000
Residential Apartments: 9500
Penthouses: 20000

*The amount listed above is in Pakistani Rupee.

Extra Charges

  • Corner Unit: 10%
  • Margalla Facing Units: 5%
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Facilities & Features

  • 1st ever skywalk in Pakistan
  • Underground Parking
  • Escalators
  • Elevators
  • High quality interior designs
  • FREE Wi-Fi
  • Centrally Air Conditioned
  • Banks
  • Standby Power Generators
  • Kids Playing Area
  • Prayer Hall
  • 24/7 CCTV Surveillance
  • 4D Cinema
  • Food courts
  • Swimming Pools
  • Gymnasium
  • Spa & Sauna
  • Electricity
  • Tilled Flooring
  • Sui Gas
  • Water
  • High-quality finishes and fittings

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Booking & Details

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J7 Global

J7 Global is a mega project of the famous J7 Group. The project is a high-rise building located in Mumtaz city Islamabad only a few minutes away from M1 & M2 motorway and Islamabad International Airport.

J7 Global

J7 Global is a high-rise project of J7 Group, the project is a high-rise tower in which there are international standard shopping malls, luxury hotel suits/apartments.

J7 Global Location

The project is sited in Mumtaz city Islamabad and the face of the project is towards Main Srinagar highway. J7 Global is 500 meters away from M1 & M2 motorway only 1 kilometer away from New Islamabad International Airport.

Neighboring Locations

  • 2 kilometers away from CPEC
  • 15 kilometers from Zero Point Islamabad.
  • 20 kilometers away from Saddar Rawalpindi.

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For Booking & Information Contact Us

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Floor Plan

J7 Global is a well-planned and well-organized project in which each floor is reserved for a shopping mall, food court, hotel services, and hotel suits/apartments.

In J7 Global the 2 underground floors are reserved for underground
parking. The Upper 4 floors are reserved for a shopping mall.

Two floors are reserved for Food-court, Fun Land & Hotel Services.

The remaining top floors are reserved for luxury hotel suits in which there are studio, 1 bed, 2 bed, 3-bed apartments/suits are available.

J7 Global Shopping Mall

In shopping mall, there are commercial shops of different sizes available for sale. All these shops are well-planned and well-constructed shops increasing the overall beauty of the project.

J7 Global Hotel Suits/Apartments

There are Studio, 1 Bed, 2 Bed & 3 Bedroom apartments available in J7 Global Islamabad. These apartments are equipped with every feature to facilitate the residents.

Payment Plan

The rate of each unit is different because of the difference in rate per square feet of the units. Below we are sharing detailed list of all floors with their rate per square feet. You can book your unit by paying a 25% down payment and the remaining amount can be paid on installments.

Ground A Floor: Rs.50,000 rate per sq. ft.
Ground Floor: Rs.55,000 rate per sq. ft.
Third (Food Court) Floor : Rs.53,000 rate per sq. ft.
Hotel Suits/Apartments: Rs.22,000 rate per sq. ft.

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Extra Charges

  • Corner Unit: 10% Extra Charges
  • Airport Road Facing: 5% Extra Charges

Features & Facilities

  • Electricity
  • Sui Gas
  • Water
  • Passenger Lifts
  • Cargo Lifts
  • Spacious Corridors
  • Wide Atrium
  • Smart Technology equipped suits
  • Dedicated Parking for Hotel
  • Modern Infrastructure
  • Reception
  • 4D Cinema
  • Coffee Area
  • Food Court
  • Modern Gym
  • Lavish Swimming Pool
  • High-quality finishes & fittings
  • High Security

About Developers

The developer of the project is J7 Group. J7 Group is a well-known developer group in the real estate market of Pakistan. They are well-known because they have delivered many real estate projects in Rawalpindi/Islamabad. The infrastructure and planning of each project is according to international standards which shows that they have a team of well-trained professionals.

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Booking & Information

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J7 Signature

J7 Signature is a real estate project located in Mumtaz City. The project is right next to M1 & M2 motorway and can be accessed from Rawalpindi and Islamabad within few minute’s drive. J7 Signature is a project of famous developers J7 Group.


J7 Signature is located in Mumtaz City only few minutes away from Srinagar Highway. The project has easy access to all the necessary utilities and facilities.

The project J7 Signature is only 2 KM away from New Islamabad International Airport, 3 KM away from Ring Road and only 300 meters away from Motorway M1/M2.

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J7 Signature Islamabad

J7 Signature Islamabad offers commercial shops, corporate offices, hotel suits, and hotel apartments. The rate per square feet are different for shops, hotel suits and apartments.

Apartments: Rs.15,000 sq. ft.
Hotel Suits: Rs.22,000 sq. ft.
Shops: Rs.70,000 sq. ft.

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Floor Plan

In J7 Signature there are retail shops, corporate offices, hotel suits and luxury apartments. Below we are sharing information of each floor.

Ground Level 1: Retail Shops
Ground Level 2: 70% Retail Shops + 30% Food Court
First Floor: 70% Retail Shops + 30% Food Court
Second Floor: 70% Shops + 30% Food Court
Third Floor: 70% Shops + 30% Food Court
Fourth Floor: 80% Indoor Sports + 20% Food Court
Fifth Floor: Entertainment
Sixth Floor: Building Services Floor
Seventh Floor: Corporate Offices
8th – 20th Floor: Hotel Suits
21st Floor: 2 Bed Luxury Apartments
22nd Floor: 2 Bed Luxury Apartments

Offices In J7 Signature

The offices are available in 300-500 sq. ft. sizes. On corporate floors conference rooms are also available. The conference rooms are also available in 600 sq. ft. to 1000 sq. ft. sizes.

Hotel Suits In J7 Signature

3 types of hotel suites are available in J7 Signature.
i) Standard Suits
ii) Executive Suits
iii) Presidential Suits

The standard suits are available in 300-400 square feet sizes. The executive suits are available in 500-800 square feet size and the Presidential suits are available in 1500-2000 square feet size.

Apartments In J7 Signature

In J7 Signature 2 Bed apartments are available at affordable payment plan. The price per square feet of apartments is Rs.15,000.

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Payment Plan

J7 Signature offers only 2-bed apartments. The rate per square feet of the apartment is 15,000/-. In J7 Signature the rate per sq. ft. of the retail shop is Rs.70,000 and the rate per sq. ft. of the hotel suit is Rs.22,000.

J7 Group

J7 Signature is a project of famous developers of Pakistan known as J7 Group. J7 Group is a well-known real estate developer group famous because of their successful past projects in Pakistan. Their past projects are J7 Mall, J7 Emporium & J7-One Mall and now they have launched J7 Signature in Islamabad.


To facilitate the residents and shop owners the project is equipped with high-quality features and facilities.

  • Luxury Suits
  • Rooftop Golf
  • Infinity Pool
  • Fitness Club
  • Electric Charging Station
  • Shuttle Service
  • Indoor Tennis Court
  • Indoor Skate Boarding
  • Boxing Court
  • Indoor Club
  • Snooker
  • Indoor Bowling Court
  • Indoor Valley Ball
  • Indoor Squash Court
  • Cinema
  • Indoor Archery
  • Kids Club
  • Yoga & Meditation Area
  • Dental Clinic
  • Hair & Beauty Saloon
  • Spa & Sauna
  • Gymnasium
  • Banquet

Mumtaz City

Mumtaz City is a housing society located right next to M1 & M2 motorway. Mumtaz city is a well-planned society easily accessible from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Mumtaz city is offering an international standard lifestyle and the project is equipped with every facility. As mentioned above the project J7 Signature is also located in Mumtaz city,  J7 Signature will have easy access to all the nearby facilities of Mumtaz city.

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Booking & Information

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Rawalpindi Ring Road Project: Are We at a Dead End?

Key Points

  • Rawalpindi Ring Road Project is a crucial developmental project focused on improving the traffic flow in the region.
  • The project was initiated in 1991 but delayed for decades.
  • Initially, the ring road was planned as a 38km long structure extending from Grand Trunk Road (GT Road) to Thalian near Motorway.
  • A corruption scandal regarding unapproved changes to the alignment of the project has been brought forward.
  • The flagship project has not witnessed significant progress in decades and an inquiry probe is delaying it further.
  • The project is being through the Public-Private Partnership mode and the inquiry is warding off private investors.
  • The government is considering moving forward with the old alignment to develop the infrastructure.
  • No provisions for re-alignment of the project have been made in the Annual Development Program (ADP).
  • Th revised PC-1 will be expensive.
  • The incumbent has wrongly pinned the blame entirely on housing societies which is detrimental for the growth of the real estate industry.
  • Former Rawalpindi Commissioner and land acquisition collector have been arrested by the Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) for their involvement in the scandal.

Urbanization is a driving factor in the 21st Century that indicates the socio-economic development of a region. Traffic and unmaintained roads could significantly hinder the growth of a region by causing unnecessary delays and warding off investment opportunities.

The twin cities of Pakistan – Rawalpindi and Islamabad, have long been known as opposites in terms of urban planning and traffic management. Traffic surveys conducted to check the road congestion and management in the city have concluded that there has been a 300% rise in traffic in the last 5 years. Spike in traffic jams and urbanization highlights the absence of adequate infrastructure and the need for the development of new roads to cater to the increasing transportation demands in Rawalpindi.

Need for the Rawalpindi Ring Road Project

The Rawalpindi Ring Road project is a brilliant plan that has witnessed excruciatingly slow growth. Initiated by the former Chief Minister of Punjab in 1991, the RRR project was put forward to facilitate the movement of vehicles between the twin cities and to provide better connectivity. The primary objective of the mega-development project, initially spanning 38 km, was to provide an outlet for excessive traffic and to serve as an economic corridor by expediting the movement of containers and vehicles. The initial plan proposed by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) involved the establishment of the road structure extending from Grand Trunk Road (GT Road) to Thalian near Motorway. However, the work on detailed planning and construction was not undertaken by any government for more than a decade.

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The first feasibility study for the project was carried out in 2008 and focused on constructing a road connecting Channi Sher Alam to Fatehjang near the New Islamabad Airport.

In 2017, the former government made progress on the RRR by directing NESPAK to conduct a fresh feasibility study and preliminary design. Nonetheless, the project was reformed after the 2018 elections as efforts were made to begin construction. Being a part of Punjab’s Vision 2025, the incumbent began taking strides to achieve its goals and improve the existing condition of Rawalpindi’s infrastructure.

But, like Quaid-e-Azam said in his address to the constituent assembly; bribery and corruption are poison and our situation is dire regarding the two. Unfortunately, our development is slow more than 7 years after independence and the RRR is no exception. Neglect, corruption, improper planning, and lack of understanding of the procedural framework are the reasons why the paramount project has been delayed for 2 decades.

Alignment, Inquiry and the Government’s Role

 After the work began on the project, news of unauthorized Rawalpindi ring road alignment surfaced and Prime Minister Imran Khan immediately halted the bidding process which was to start in March 2021 and called for an investigation. An official inquiry report was formulated and stated that there has been an ‘illegal’ change in the alignment of the Rawalpindi ring road project as the length of the project was altered from 35 – 40km to 65km after the feasibility tests conducted by Zeeruk International. Consequently, large amounts of funds were released.

Significant changes to the existing Rawalpindi Ring Road map were suggested by the Zeeruk International. It was suggested the 38km ring road be extended beyond its original route to comply with the NHA standards and for technical improvements. The ring road was aligned to include Paswal Zig Zag and Attock loop.

The matter of concern was that the changes were made without any official approval of the Chief Minister Punjab (Official Report) regarding the alignment and that the alignment was done for rent-seeking purposes and to benefit influential political personalities and private housing societies.

The following concerning findings have been reported:

  • Housing societies have generated more than RS 130 billion through property deals in the last 4 years.
  • The government has also already paid Rs.2.3 billion to landowners for land acquisition.
  • More than 8000 kanals of land has been acquired and compensation has been paid for nearly half of it. Attempts to retrieve the compensation will result in a legal battle that could continue for years and derail the project.

Rawalpindi Ring Road Map

The map of the Rawalpindi ring road (RRR) is not finalized yet.

What Lies Ahead for the Rawalpindi Ring Road Project

Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan in an address to the media stated that the RRR is projected to begin its developments by August of 2021 but the accuracy of this statement is questionable. A senior person at RDA stated that it is unlikely for the project to make progress in the fiscal year 2021-2022 and that its future is uncertain. However, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed claimed that the RDA has finished designing the project and that it will be completed within a year. The differing statements of the authorities involved in RRR show the future of the project is uncertain and that there is no foolproof plan in place to proceed with it.

At the beginning of 2021, the project’s jurisdiction was shifted to the Lahore Ring Road Authority due to the incapacity of RDA to carry out the project. The initial PC-I that spanned 38km has been sent to the Punjab Government for final approval amid the investigation. While the government is trying to formulate a plan to complete the project within the initial budget set for it, the current situation is an indicator that the revised PC-I will be more expensive. This poses a problem since the government has not made any provisions for the re-alignment of the project route in the Annual Development Program. This is an issue since the ADP includes the allocated budgets, financial projections, and scheme-based portfolios of developmental projects over a period of 3 years. Furthermore, an RDA member has questioned the authenticity of the re-aligned project’s approval thus far since no consultancy firm has been hired for development planning.

An Insight into the RRR Problem

 The government has pinned the blame of the scandal majorly on housing societies which is unwise on part of the government since bureaucrats have played the highest role in changing the alignment without approval as proven by the official inquiry report and arrest of the former Rawalpindi commissioner and the land acquisition collector by the (Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE). Additionally, it is natural for real estate investors to invest in areas linked to major government development projects. Directly blaming businessmen for things in which they have no direct authority at all only deteriorate the overall investment climate of the country. And while the former Commissioner Rawalpindi said the alignment was altered on technical grounds, the report claims he was unsuccessful in following the procedural framework which ultimately led to the scandal.

In my opinion, while a probe into the matter was essential to check if any parties involved are guilty of corruption, so it can be completed seamlessly; it is also imperative that the inquiry process is finished as soon as possible to avoid warding off potential investors and any further delays. Till the completion of the inquiry and the trial, it would be difficult for the government to attract private investors which is a serious concern since the project is being financed by the Private Public Partnership (PPP) mode and the project relies on private investors for completion.

The RRR is a flagship project of the PTI government that can facilitate the movement of more than 3 million residents that reside in the twin cities. But if the parties responsible do not pick up their pace, the situation will only get worse and a half-cooked project by the time of the next elections will serve as a souvenir of the incompetence of the government and not its progress. Any progress in the project is unlikely until the investigation is concluded. The investigation is currently being spearheaded by the ACE and RDA has turned in all the relevant records required for it.

While the government made efforts to complete the project, it is clear that the inquiry and scandal have put the project on the backburner once again. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) was to fund the RRR. AIIB approved a loan of $1 billion for three major projects, including $400 million for the Rawalpindi Ring Road (RRR). However, the current government preferred financing the project through the PPP mode which has led to numerous issues involving real estate investors as proven by the scandal. It has now been reported that AIIB has delisted RRR from its financing list, leaving the task of gathering funds entirely at the mercy of investors and the government. This clearly shows that opening up an inquiry and prominently highlighting it in the media has delayed the crucial RRR project further.

The fact that no infrastructural developments have been made in the Rawalpindi district since the establishment of Metro raises valid fears regarding the project. The Leh Expressway proposed to provide an outlet for traffic congestion at Murree Road is still in the works and the allocation of inadequate funds has led experts to predict that the project will take more than 3 years to complete. Over the years, numerous traffic surveys have been conducted in the district to monitor traffic congestion. However, the suggestions have not been implemented although the government’s tenure is coming to an end.

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The aforementioned issues point to one thing, the incumbent government has not been instrumental in finishing important infrastructure projects in Rawalpindi and parts of Punjab despite their efforts. Corruption, countless delays, lack of resources and improper management have slowed the progress of not only infrastructural development, but national socio-economic development as a whole. The government needs to conclude the inquiry soon to prevent it from impacting the project any further. It is also necessary for everyone involved in the project to follow the proper legal framework while conducting business to ensure the project is completed as soon as possible.


Town Center Commercial

In Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates, Al-Ghurair Giga Group is regarded as a reputable real estate developer. Known for developing one of the biggest projects in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, it is back with another exciting new real estate project.

Town Center Commercial

Giga group has a profile of multiple successful residential and commercial projects in Islamabad and its twin cities (Rawalpindi-Islamabad).

Town Center Commercial is a commercial project in which there are well-planned units available at affordable prices. As the developers have delivered many successful projects in past.

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The experience and professionalism of their team predict that they will be able to complete this new project successfully as their past projects have been successful.

Where is Town Center Commercial Located?

The project is located at the excellent location of Downtown DHA Phase-2 Islamabad. The location is easily accessible from all the areas of Rawalpindi & Islamabad.

Shops In Town Center Commercial

As the project is commercial, commercial shops, restaurants, gaming zones, Karate clubs, Pharmacies, and Clinics are in this project.

For Booking & Information:

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Price of Shop in Town Center Commercial

As the project is in its pre-launch stage right now it’s the best chance for you to avail this opportunity and book your shop in this latest real estate project. You can book your shop on a 1-year easy installments plan.

Keep visiting us we will update more information about this project as soon as the project moves to the next stage of the launch.