Avalon City Islamabad

Say Hello To  Pakistan’s First Ever Technological Project

Have you ever wondered whether there is some fully tech-based real estate project, that too within Pakistan?

If not then it’s ok!

But if yes, then you have arrived at the right place, as here we are going to tell you about, Pakistan’s first ever hi-tech, super luxurious, and international standard built real estate project which will blow your mind completely!

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This state-of-the-art project is none but The Avalon City Islamabad, which is located at the prime location of Islamabad which eventually puts it in the category of an ideal location to live and invest.

Avalon City Islamabad

This exemplary project is going to be a hot spot for the tech-savvy society of our country as well as foreigners due to the high-end technologies that it aims to feature in it. Moreover, the prices are comparatively lower than other projects in the real estate market of Islamabad. Not to mention, that too with all the world-class amenities within the safe and secured boundary in a sustainable environment.

So let’s explore together, the full details about this world-class project and which facilities are waiting for you in this mind-blowing housing society!

Who Are The Owner, Developers, And Designers Of The Avalon Islamabad?

You must be thinking, who are the collective masterminds behind this unique housing project in Pakistan?

So here we are telling you, all about the real owner, developers, and designers of this tech-savvy future community, the three important pillars of every construction project.

Like many people, maybe you too, do not know the real owner of the Avalon Islamabad. This project’s owner is none but Mr. Imran Ismail. Yes! Same Imran Ismail, who was the ex-governor of Sindh.

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If we talk about the developers of Avalon Islamabad, these are ZKB ( Zahir Khan & Brothers ) engineers and constructions. This firm was formed almost a decade ago and from that time, it has proved itself as an incredibly talented and successful company. With 152 completed projects and 20 plus national and international real estate awards nominations, now Avalon Islamabad is their new proud project.

The designers behind Avalon Islamabad are Urban Solutions PVT. LMT. This designing firm has already provided its master designing services to several real estate projects throughout the country. With numerous satisfied customers, now Urban Solutions PVT. LMT is going to make another satisfying-by-all-means project.

So you do not have to worry about the investment in this futuristic housing scheme at all when such high-profile names are attached to it.

Your money is in safe hands, so you can invest freely and without any doubt in this golden opportunity.

Prime Location Of the Project

Location matters a lot in real estate projects as the overall worth of the projects lies in the location. The better the location, the better chances of a good ROI ( return on investment) are there.

If we talk about the location of Avalon City Islamabad, you do not have to worry about this issue too! As this project is located at the prime location of the main Chakri Road, which is the main area of housing schemes in Islamabad city nowadays.

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Moreover, it is near and easily accessible to Islamabad – Lahore Motorway (M2), Chakri interchange, and the newly proposed Rawalpindi Ring road.

So you can easily reach there, without worrying about the traffic jams and by traveling on the smooth, carpeted roads.

Numerous luxurious housing societies are surrounding Avalon Islamabad. This makes its value multiplied too. The names of some of these real estate projects that you can find around Avalon City Islamabad are as follows:

  • Blue world city Islamabad
  • Abdullah city Islamabad
  • Capital smart city
  • Kingdom valley
  • Airport housing society
  • Mumtaz city
  • Mivida city Islamabad
  • Silver City
  • Nova City
  • Rudn Enclave Islamabad
  • Seven wonders city Islamabad

Project Details

The vast area of around 5000 Kanal has been reserved for the Avalon City Islamabad. The master plan of the project has all the essential features of the tech-savvy and modernist generation’s needs of today’s era. The residential plots are available in three different sizes which are:

  • 5 Marla plots
  • 10 Marla plots
  • 1 Kanal plots
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Along with the residential plots, various recreational activities are designed for the high-class future community of this project.

Maybe, by this time, you have only heard about the concept of Virtual theaters and 3D cinemas. Smart homes which are fully tech-based may be only a mere dream for you. Automatic street lights and the automatic traffic control system look like a foreign concept only. Facial recognition and object recognition-based security systems are just exciting things to think about.

But in Avalon City Islamabad, you are going to experience all these, modern facilities yourself. Your previous concepts of modernist and tech-based life become real life, the lifestyle here.

Why The Avalon City Islamabad is the best choice to live in?

  • Modernist and Hi-Tech housing society
  • Top-notch entertainment facilities
  • Grand Mosque
  • Healthy sports  facilities
  • The amazing and international-level master plan
  • High-class Educational facilities
  • Flexible & Affordable payment plan
  • Sustainable environment
  • Elite class surrounding projects
  • Eco-friendly
  • Trustworthy owners
  • World-class developers & designers
  • Beautifully designed parks
  • Guaranteed profit in incoming years
  • Prime Location Of the country
  • 3D cinemas
  • A safe and secured boundary wall
  • 24/7 security via the high-tech security system
  • Smart carpeted roads
  • Proper waste disposal system
  • Electric vehicles
  • Virtual theaters
  • The best option for passive income source too
  • Pakistan’s first ever tech-centered society
  • Commercial opportunities
  • Project’s water reservoir system
  • International level health care facilities
  • Water treatment plant
  • 24/7 uninterrupted electricity/gas/water supply
  • Project’s own power grid station
  • Easily accessible from Islamabad airport and nearby areas
  • Smooth traffic without hustle and bustle of populated cities
  • Peaceful location
  • Automatic street lights system
  • High-quality infrastructure
  • A dream project for tech-freaks and modernist minds
  • Booking with Only a 10% down payment
  • Possession within a year
  • Soon to be approved by RDA and CDA
  • Free Wi-Fi facility throughout the project via Wi-Fi trees
  • Clubhouses
  • Smart, automatic traffic control
  • International eateries outlets
  • World-class shopping facilities
  • Fitness centers
  • Pakistan’s first-ever Smart homes
  • Facial/object recognition-based security
  • International level business centers
  • Vast botanical gardens

Along with these few above-mentioned amenities, there is a lot more to explore and experience at the Avalon City Islamabad!

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Only 2 Negligible Cons

There are only two negative sides of this project, that too at the moment only as we can hope best.

First, its NOC (nonobjection certificate) has to be issued by RDA.

Secondly, as the booking processing is just started that’s why the development is yet to be started.

We hope these issues will resolve soon. Otherwise, by all means, it is a safe project to save your investments.

A wise investment for the Bright Future

Many factors speak in the favor of investment in this futuristic and Hi-Tech society. Firstly, the prime location of Islamabad which is considered the hot spot for safe and secured real estate investment, throughout Pakistan.

Islamabad is no doubt, a goldmine. Whichever project connects its name with Islamabad, is automatically perceived as a great success.

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Secondly, the easy access to Avalon City Islamabad from the nearby cities, Islamabad airport, and the other elite-class surrounding make it another hot spot for the customers. Those who want to live peacefully, and want easy access to their desired locations, without traffic jams in the city, can think to make Avalon City Islamabad their new home.

The commercial projects within the Avalon Islamabad are just extraordinary. This is making it quite attractive for the modernist, futuristic, tech-freak generation of our times, who want to explore the latest technologies and want to live a smart life.

The unique security system, which is unable to be found in any other housing scheme in Pakistan right now is another plus point of Avalon City Islamabad.

The object & facial recognition, smart security systems at homes and roads, along with 24/7 CCTV surveillance via hi-tech specialized cameras, makes this project extra secure.

Street crimes and dacoities are almost impossible with this foolproof security level.

So for those people, who are security conscious, the Avalon Islamabad can be the best residential option for them, especially in the ongoing scenario of security issues in Pakistan.

So, it will not be wrong to say that Avalon City Islamabad is the wise and one of the most secured investment options for the bright future of your generations.

Installment Plan of the Avalon Islamabad

The Avalon Islamabad is providing its customers, with one of the most affordable as well as flexible payment plans available in the real estate market right now.

All three types of residential plots mean 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal are open for booking with just a 10% down payment.

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The rest of the amount is payable in easy installments which vary on the total price and type of the plot.

Here are the full details about the installment plan of each type of plot at the Avalon Islamabad:

05 Marla residential plot installment plan

5 Marla residential plot at the Avalon City Islamabad is available at the starting price of 13,50,000 Pakistani rupees. The monthly installment will be 21000 Pakistani rupees along with the booking with a down payment of 10% of the total amount. The remaining amount of the plot can be paid in 36 monthly installments.

10 Marla residential plot installment plan

Here too, you can book your dream plot at a 10% down payment. The monthly installments are 38,000 Pakistani rupees and the full price of the plot is 24,90,000 Pakistani rupees.

The installments can be paid within three years means there will be 36 easy installments.

1 Kanal Marla residential plot installment plan

The full price of 1 Kanal residential plot is 46,90,000 Pakistani rupees. You can book the plot by paying a 10% down payment and the remaining price of the plot can be paid in 36 months’ installments.

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In a nutshell, the Avalon City Islamabad is, by all means, a complete futuristic, modern and affordable housing project nowadays.

Its world-class amenities along with the trusted developers make it your dream project to invest in Pakistan right now. Technology-based and sustainable housing societies are the future of the real estate market in the upcoming days so it is high time to secure the future with wise and timely investment in those projects which are planned on this approach.

We hope you like this detailed blog about this amazing housing scheme in Islamabad. Share it with your tech-savvy living-seeking friends. Moreover, do tell us in the comments, which things you like most in this project.

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