DHA Quetta

A housing scheme for Baluchistan named DHA Quetta Smart City has been launched in Quetta by the Defense Housing Authority (DHA). According to the authorities, the project is a well-planned state-of-the-art housing project equipped with all the world-class facilities.

DHA Quetta | DHA Quetta Plot For Sale

DHA Quetta Plot For Sale

In DHA Quetta there are residential plots, commercial plots, and farmhouses land available at affordable prices.

The project is be equipped with all the world-class features and amenities that will help you to live a lavish life. International standard schools, colleges, theme parks, wide carpeted roads, Wi-Fi streets, Solar Energy, Electricity Backup Generators, and many other facilities are part of Quetta DHA.

As the project is in its initial stage the construction of the Quetta DHA main entrance is near to completion.

  • The residential plots in DHA Quetta are available in 5, 8, 10, 16 Marla, 1 Kanal & 2 Kanal sizes.
  • The commercial plots in DHA Quetta are available in 4 Marla, 8 Marla & 1 Kanal size.
  • Land for farmhouses in Quetta DHA are available in 4 Kanal, 5 Kanal, and 8 Kanal sizes.

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DHA Quetta Residential Plot Prices

Plot Size Plot Type Plot Price
5 Marla Residential
8 Marla Residential
10 Marla Residential
16 Marla Residential
1 Kanal Residential
2 Kanal Residential

Commercial Plot Prices

Plot Size Plot Type Plot Price
4 Marla Commercial
8 Marla Commercial
1 Kanal Commercial

DHA Quetta File Rate

There are 2 types of files available for sale in the Quetta real estate market. As the project construction is moving forward the prices of DHA Quetta files are increasing.

  • DHA Quetta Open Affidavit File
    An open affidavit file is a file that DHA provides to the landlord/buyer of the plot. The affidavit file is an open file and doesn’t have any owner’s name on it.

The price of DHA Quetta 1 Kanal affidavit file is approximately 46 lac rupees but due to high demand, it is hard to find DHA Quetta files for sale right now.

  • DHA Quetta Allocation File
    When you pay the membership fee and allocation fee of Quetta DHA the authorities will issue an allocation letter on your name, now you are a member of DHA Quetta, and the affidavit file is now transferred on your name.

DHA Quetta 1 Kanal file price is approximately 44 lac rupees but due to high demand, it is hard to find a file right now.

DHA Quetta Commercial Plots Early Bird

DHA Quetta has announced the early bird for commercial plots in DHAQ. The commercial plots are available in 4 Marla, 8 Marla, and 1 Kanal sizes. According to the latest update the early bird scheme is starting on 27 February 2023. The forms can be submitted between 03 March to 20 March 2023. So what are you waiting for? Grab this golden opportunity and book your plots.

How to Transfer DHA Quetta Affidavit File to Allocation File?

If you want to transfer this Open file/Affidavit file on your name you can pay the DHA membership Fee and allocation fee to transfer this open file on your name. When you pay the allocation and membership fee DHA authority will issue an allocation letter on your name.

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DHA Quetta Latest News

As the project is moving towards completion the value of the plot for sale in DHA Quetta is increasing fast. Not only the plot prices but also DHA Quetta file rates are increasing. It’s the best chance for you to invest in this ideal housing project to get maximum profits.
For more updates, about DHA Quetta latest news keep visiting us.

DHA Quetta Map

Quetta DHA is a well-planned housing project that is equipped with all the necessary features and facilities. This huge project is further categorized into three zones (Zone A, Zone B, & Zone C).
All the zones of Quetta DHA is well-planned and well equipped with all the amenities.

DHA Quetta Challan Form

You can download your DHA Quetta challan form by visiting this link. (Click here)

DHA Quetta Installment Plan

The authorities of DHA Quetta have separate installments plan for fillers ad non-fillers. The filler has to pay 1% tax on each payment whereas the non-filler has to pay 2% tax on each payment.
Below we are sharing a detailed DHA Quetta Installment Plan.

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DHA Quetta Residential Plot Installment Plan

5 Marla Plot
Ballot Fee: Rs.4,000
Total Price: Rs.1,782,000
1st Down Payment (10%): Rs.178,200
16 Quarterly Installments: Rs.89,100

8 Marla Plot
Ballot Fee: Rs.6,000
Total Price: Rs.2,718,000
1st Down Payment (10%): Rs.271,800
16 Quarterly Installments: Rs.135,900

10 Marla Plot
Ballot Fee: Rs.8,000
Total Price: Rs.3,285,000
1st Down Payment (10%): Rs.328,500
16 Quarterly Installments: Rs.164,250

16 Marla Plot
Ballot Fee: Rs.10,000
Total Price: Rs.4,896,000
1st Down Payment (10%): Rs.489,600
16 Quarterly Installments: Rs.244,800

1 Kanal Plot
Ballot Fee: Rs.12,000
Total Price: Rs.5,760,000
1st Down Payment (10%): Rs.576,000
16 Quarterly Installments: Rs.288,000

2 Kanal Plot
Ballot Fee: Rs.15,000
Total Price: Rs.1,116,000
1st Down Payment (10%): Rs.1,160,000
16 Quarterly Installments: Rs.588,000

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DHA Quetta Commercial Plot Installment Plan

4 Marla Commercial Plot
Ballot Fee: Rs.15,000
Total Price: Rs.11,430,000
1st Down Payment (10%): Rs.1,143,000
12 Quarterly Installments: Rs.762,000

8 Marla Commercial Plot
Ballot Fee: Rs.20,000
Total Price: Rs.22,050,000
1st Down Payment (10%): Rs.2,205,000
12 Quarterly Installments: Rs.1,470,000

1 Kanal Commercial Plot
Ballot Fee: Rs.25,000
Total Price: Rs.52,875,000
1st Down Payment (10%): Rs.5,287,500
12 Quarterly Installments: Rs.3,525,000

DHA Quetta Farmhouse Land Installment Plan

4 Kanal Land
Ballot Fee: Rs.30,000
Total Price: Rs.17, 000,000
1st Down Payment (20%): Rs.3,400,000
12 Quarterly Installments: Rs.637,000

5 Kanal Land
Ballot Fee: Rs.40,000
Total Price: Rs.17,125,000
1st Down Payment (20%): Rs.3,825,000
12 Quarterly Installments: Rs.717,188

8 Kanal Land
Ballot Fee: Rs.50,000
Total Price: Rs.29,400,000
1st Down Payment (20%): Rs.5,880,000
12 Quarterly Installments: Rs.1,102,500

DHA Quetta Balloting Result

The first DHA Quetta balloting ceremony was held on 14-03-2020. You can check DHA Quetta Balloting result by visiting this link (

To see the result enter your CNIC/NICOP number and press SUBMIT button.

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DHA Quetta Early Bird

Early Bird scheme is an exclusive pre-launch scheme that offers discounted rates to the first 1200 customers of DHA Quetta’s Phase I, Sector-A, which is closest to the main entrance gate.

It is part of the Early Bird Scheme. There are only 1 Kanal, 1200 plots being offered for sale in the DHA Quetta Early Bird Scheme. This exclusive discount scheme was offered for the first time in the history of DHA.

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Anyone can benefit from this DHA Quetta Early Bird scheme. In order to receive the benefits, there are some requirements and payments. In this scheme, you can invest or buy if you have an open file/affidavit, an intimation letter, or an allocation letter.

The development charges must be paid in full which is Rs.23,50,000 only. They must be paid only to authorized DHA Quetta dealers. On the DHA Quetta website, you will find a list of all the authorized dealers.