How Eighteen Islamabad is Changing the Face of Pakistani Real Estate?


About three years ago, Eighteen was launched and people were confused that what is Eighteen? A unique name in the market and undoubtedly, a unique project among its contemporary real estate projects.

Eighteen Islamabad, A place to Live, A place to Reflect, A place for a better Future…

Now people have understood the confusing question that what is this Eighteen? but they don’t know even today, that, WHY is Eighteen? Why Eighteen is different in changing the meaning of modern and eco-friendly international level lifestyle?

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So in this blog, we will tell you Why Eighteen Islamabad is the best real estate project at the moment for luxurious cum sustainable living along with profit guaranteed investments.

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Eighteen Islamabad, The luxurious Project from the developers of top real estate projects across the world

Eighteen Islamabad is brought to you from the house of Ora developers, a name which is independent of any introduction as its worldwide projects are its introduction themselves. This eminent real estate company is owned by an Egyptian billion Mr. Naquib Sawiri, former owner of Mobilink (telecommunication company) of Pakistan.

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The most famous projects of Ora developers, spreading from Egypt to Cyprus and from Grenada to London, are:

  • The Nile city tower, Egypt
  • The pyramid hills, Egypt
  • Zed, Egypt
  • North Coast, Egypt
  • Grosvenor Square, London
  • Ayia Napa Marina, Cyprus
  • Silversands Hotel, etc.

If we talk about the project’s partnerships, then The Ora developers have signed a partnership with the two renowned real estate names of Pakistan, the Saif group and the Kohistan Builders and developers. These two companies are also well recognized in Pakistan and have been working for ages.

The most famous projects made by Kohistan Builders and developers are:

  • Zarkon Heights, Islamabad,
  • Hamza Tower, Islamabad,
  • Midway Centrum, Rawalpindi
  • Kohistan enclave
  • Odeon cinema
  • Royalson Hotel, Wah Cantt, etc.

On the other hand, the Saif group is a well-established name in different areas like energy, textile, travel, real estate, and several other fields in Pakistan.

Eighteen Islamabad

These credible and well-acknowledged companies’ attachment with the Eighteen Islamabad, is enough to build the trust of the buyers on it and satisfaction that the project will likely prove to be the next world-class project.

The official and commercial launch of the project

The project was officially launched in the year 2017 with a huge colorful event, attended by numerous eminent figures around the world, who were somehow attached to it. Later, in 2018, it was launched commercially on 18 February to become the epitome of a luxurious lifestyle in Pakistan.

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Prime Location Along With An Easy Access

Eighteen Islamabad is located on the peaceful and prime location of the Kashmir highway, in the 18th district of Islamabad, an area with easy access to eminent housing societies like B-17 Multigarden, Taj Residencia, DHA phase, Bahria Town phase 8, Top city, university town, Airport enclave, Blue Area, Saddar, etc.

It is about 11 km away from International Islamabad Airport, 5 km from Golra more and 3 km away from Lahore-Islamabad Motorway.

If we talk about the accessibility of Eighteen, it is easily reachable as you do not have to face traffic jams or overcrowded places to reach there. Just clear roads and smooth driving and you will be there in no time from either Lahore, Islamabad, or Rawalpindi.

From Lahore, you can reach it via Rawalpindi-GT interchange, from Rawalpindi it is accessible through Rawalpindi-Peshawar GT Road, and from zero point Islamabad, you can reach there from Kashmir highway.

Designed by world-class interiors and designers

Eighteen Islamabad is the name of the class. It has become a brand, exclusively designed for the luxurious lifestyle of the upper-middle and the elite class group. The designers of this prominent project too, are well-recognized brands in the world. The WATG, Wimberly Interiors, and the Callison RTKL, the renowned architecture companies internationally praised for numerous world-class projects, have designed the master plan of it along with the nine local consultants to ensure no compromise, on the level it aims to give. They kept even the tiniest details in mind about it to ensure the best and international level lifestyle for its residents.

It has 18 holes international-level golf course in its center with the residential and commercial area arranged around it in a properly planned manner. Special care is given for the green and eco-friendly environment so that the aim of sustainable living would be achieved.

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An International level luxurious city within the Boundary of Eighteen

“A city within a city”, as said by Tarek Hamdy, CEO Eighteen Islamabad, for this project are not merely empty words. Rather, it is a true representative of their top-notch concept of the luxurious, sustainable, and elite class lifestyle that Eighteen promises to its buyers and investors.

You will get each and everything within the boundary of Eighteen. No need to move out of the secure environment as the whole world is brought to your doorstep at Eighteen Islamabad.

The different sub-projects of Eighteen Islamabad are as follows:

  1. Villas

The villas at Eighteen are exclusively designed for somehow big families. There are a total of 1068 villas with various sizes to choose from, for instance:

  • 1/2 Kanal
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal
  • 4 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal.

You can choose according to your need. Each villa at Eighteen is provided with a spacious car parking area too along with the best quality fixtures. The villas at Eighteen are true representatives of an elite class lifestyle in a safe and secure environment.

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  1. Heights

Heights is the name given to the apartments at Eighteen. There is a total of 28, seven stories, pavilion-style buildings for around 971 luxury and spacious apartments. Each floor of the apartment building has a maximum of only 4 apartments to ensure the best living experience in the spacious area, facing the lush green golf course. Depending upon the type of apartment, servant quarter, powder room, etc can be included in it.

Here too, you have different options to choose from. For instance:

  • Studio apartments
  • 1-bed apartment
  • 2-bed apartment
  • 3-bed apartment
  • 5-bed penthouse
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  1. Commercial Projects

Now we will discuss the world-class commercial area of Eighteen, which brought all the business and entertainment and elite class lifestyle requirements within your gated community.

  • The Business hub: The Core

Eighteen was not designed for residential purposes only, but developers aimed to make it the most Hi-Tech business center in the twin cities. To make this dream true,13 unique styled, high-rise buildings are under construction to carry on the business processes of local as well as international businesses smoothly. The location of the Core is relatively a short distance from the airport, to make the arrival and departure of international executives hassle-free.

  • 5-Star Luxurious Center, The Resort

The Resort at Eighteen aims to deliver 5-star services in a secure, private, and elite class environment. It consists of around 150 rooms with the capacity to serve around 1000 people simultaneously in the spacious event hall. With the world-class gym, hot spa, classy dining area, the Resort at Eighteen will have everything you can expect at any 5-star place.

  • The heartbeat, The Club

The social hub of the Eighteen, the club is being made to provide you top-level entertainment, sports, and dining facilities near your own homes. It is located at the center of the project, overlooking the vast golf course to comfort your eyes with the lush green sight. It will be home to all the indoor and outdoor sports and other recreational activities.

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  • An elite class Shopping and dining area, The Square

The three-level Square is a center exclusively designed to meet your casual to luxurious shopping and dining needs. It will be the center of international as well as local brands along with the finest dining options for people of nearly all tastes.

  • Top-level medical services center, The Clinic

The clinic in Eighteen will be the international level treatment center for both emergency and non-emergency cases. It was designed exclusively for the medical needs of the residents of Eighteen within their gated community, without any delay. It will be well equipped with world-class A and E units, emergency centers, specialist clinics, etc to provide all health care facilities under one roof near their residence.

Eco-friendly construction plan

The whole world is now shifting towards sustainable living so that the issue of climate change can be tackled. Sustainable real estate is an emerging sub-real estate market globally. Eighteen Islamabad was also planned to be constructed on the eco-friendly construction model. Its owners, designers all agreed to make it no#1 sustainable residential project of Pakistan and a role model for the world. Different strategies were opted to make this dream come true, to ensure a world-class lifestyle without damaging the environment.

Some of the eco-conscious strategies adopted by the designers of eighteen Islamabad are:

  1. Solar power

To shift the power consumption from conventional means to sustainable energy, Eighteen Islamabad is all set to be operated fully on Solar power. About 1 MW solar power plant is made within the project boundary to provide the public places with electricity 24/7. Moreover, the residential area will get its energy requirements done from the project’s very own grid station and power generating unit for backup. In this way, there wouldn’t be an issue of load shedding or high electricity bills along with zero damage to the environment.

  1. Rainwater storage

The designers of the project aimed to use the rainwater so that there wouldn’t be any water shortage issue. For this purpose, the rainwater harvesting strategy has been adopted as the main water source for this gated community. As the project location is ideal for receiving a great amount of rain every year, this rainwater storage and usage concept will surely prove to be very beneficial for sustainable living in Eighteen, Islamabad.

  1. Lush Greenery for an Eco-friendly environment

Eighteen Islamabad aims to provide a pollution-free environment for its residents. For this purpose, a large area has been allocated for greenery. It is estimated that only 29% out of 2.7 million sq. yards land of the project would be used for all the construction while all the reaming areas would have lush greenery in the form of golf courses, parks, green belts, trees, etc. This is an incredibly eco-friendly approach of such world-class real estate owners to give a clean and green environment to their buyers.

  1. Irrigation from the treated sewerage water

For the irrigation of the golf court grass as well as the greenery within the project, the properly treated sewerage water would be used to prevent water wastage along with that wise strategy of water recycling. This will surely save a huge huge quantity of water as there is a vast green area in the project.

  1. Contract with WWF to plant Trees

Eighteen Islamabad did contract with WWF Pakistan to plant the trees outside its gated community in different urban areas. This three years contract, done in 2020, aims to provide an eco-friendly environment to other than its own residents too and to combat climate change.

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Why ONLY Eighteen Islamabad?

Some Of the international level features which make Eighteen Islamabad a unique real state project among others are as follows:

  • One of the most prime locations of Pakistan
  • Surrounded by high-profile housing schemes
  • 18-holes world-class golf court spreading over 72,00 yards
  • International level malls and eateries
  • Top-Notch infrastructure
  • Complete possession in just 3.5 years
  • International level luxurious residential areas
  • Scenic beauty all around
  • 4 years installment plan with only a 15% down payment
  • Eco-friendly environment
  • Eco-conscious energy sources
  • Guaranteed price rise in upcoming years
  • Best for the real estate investments
  • Designed exclusively for luxury conscious class
  • A project by world-class developers
  • Top-Notch Business Center at the Core
  • International level Resort
  • Secure and safe environment
  • Top Medical facilities at the doorstep(both emergency and non-emergency)
  • Easy access to schools, colleges, and Universities
  • Proper traffic management system
  • Spacious and safe parking
  • Total area of about 2.7 million square yards
  • A complete classy package for nearly all age groups and families
  • About 2000 residential homes ( includes both luxury apartments and spacious villas)
  • About 28 pavilion-style based 7 story buildings
  • Guaranteed Double price return in upcoming years
  • Higher rental income as compared to other schemes
  • Ideal location for investment at the moment
  • 5-star hotel facility for 1000 or more people within the boundary
  • Easily accessible from Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi
  • An elite lifestyle in the splendid location
  • Project’s own 40,000 square feet clubhouse for all the indoor/outdoor sports
  • Theatres and cinema
  • Racing tracks
  • Beautiful well-planned roads
  • Built-in wardrobes, cabinets, and appliances
  • Theme park


  • Eighteen Islamabad is, no doubt, one of the most expensive projects of Pakistan at the moment.

But keeping in view, the luxurious lifestyle that it promises to its residents, the expressivity can be overlooked. Remember, luxuries never come free and we have to always pay high for higher standards.

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Eighteen Islamabad Payment Plan

The eighteen Islamabad is the most luxurious housing project in Pakistan offering well-planned luxurious villas, apartments, and corporate offices.

Eighteen Apartments Payment Plan

The apartments are available in Studio, 1-Bed, 2-Bed, and 3-Bed sizes. The prices of the apartments are ranging from Rs.13,843,071 to Rs.41,047,572.

The prices of studio apartments are ranging from Rs.13,843,071 o Rs.14,042,328.

The size of the studio apartment is 774 sq. ft. which can be booked by paying 15% amount of the total amount.

The size of a 1-bed modern apartment is 968 sq. ft. which can be booked by paying 15% amount of the total price which is Rs.2-2.5 Crore.

The size of a 3-bed luxury apartment is 2205 sq. ft. which can be booked by paying 15% amount of the total price which is Rs.4.5-5.5 Crore.

Eighteen Villas Payment Plan

The Eighteen also offers 5 different sizes of luxurious villas. The villas are avaialbe in 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, 2 Kanal, 4 Kanal, and 8 Kanal sizes.

10 Marla Villa
The 10 Marla luxury villas sizes are available in 205-502 sq. meters and the total price of 10 marla villas is Rs. 7-7.5 Crore.

1 Kanal Villa
The 1 Kanal luxury villas sizes are available in 416-578 sq. meters and the total price of 1 Kanal villa is Rs. 12 Crore.

2 Kanal Villa
The 2 Kanal luxury villas sizes are available in 796-1038 sq. meters and the total price of 2 Kanal villas is Rs. 18 Crore.

4 Kanal Villa
The 4 Kanal luxury villas sizes are available in 1554-2197 sq. meters and the total price of 4 Kanal villas is Rs. 30 Crore.

8 Kanal Villa
The 8 Kanal luxury villas size is 3836 square meters and the total price of 8 Kanal luxury villa is Rs. 52 Crore.

A Super Easy 4 years Payment Plan

Eighteen provides you with the best payment plan in the market at the moment.

If you want to get a luxurious resident for you and your family in Eighteen Islamabad, for a better future in a secure environment, you can get it with only a 15% down payment.

The rest of the amount would be divided into up to 4 years of easy installments so that there wouldn’t be any burden on you for full payment. Moreover, you will get the possession in just 3 and half years from the time you book the residence. In this way, you won’t have to wait longer to get the keys to your dream house in this top-notch residential society.

Fast-Paced Progress of the project at the Site

The construction of the Eighteen Islamabad is in full swing at the site. The project owners aim to complete the first phase (which includes the residential area) within 3.5 years.

In the second phase, it was decided to complete the commercial Area which includes the square, club, clinic, resort, etc. and it will be started once the residential area hits completion.

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Hope you enjoyed this informative blog on Eighteen Islamabad, the most luxurious real estate project at the moment, on the goldmine location. So if you were thinking about buying a luxurious yet eco-friendly residence, now you know exactly where to run!

Now tell us in the comments what do you think is the most attractive part of this project which makes it so special?

We will be more than happy to hear your views!

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Thankfully, we are receiving foreign investment in Pakistan. This gives hope about the future of our country. Eighteen should be supported on all levels so it encourage more investors. Personally, I like golf facing villas; a perfect destination to spend time with family when coming back to Pakistan from UK.

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