Garden Residence Islamabad

Garden Residence, A name of aristocratic living within a Beautiful environment

“The home is not just made up of doors and bricks, it is the name of comfort and inner peace”.

In all the chaos created by our life, who does not want to have a comfortable and cozy place, where we reach after spending the full hectic day, surrounded by a natural and beautiful environment?

Such homes can be the dream of anyone who wants to experience an international level, aesthetically designed, super luxurious, modern, and minimalist life, that too in one of the most secured and high-class residential areas in whole Pakistan. So if such a cozy home with all the world-class amenities of the modern and fast life was your dream too, you do not have to worry anymore, as in today’s blog, we are going to introduce you to an upcoming house scheme in Islamabad, where you will get your dream life in your real life.

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This international-level real estate project is the sub-project of Bahria Town, so the quality is guaranteed! The name of this elite class society is The Garden Residence.  As the name implies, the Garden Residence is full of lush green gardens that soothe your eyes and give your mind and soul, a refreshing experience.

Here we will look into the details of this project by all means.

Garden Residence Islamabad

High profile Location of the Garden Residence, F-10 Islamabad

As the name implies, this luxurious housing scheme is present in the high-profile location of the F-10 sector. Not to mention that the F sector of Islamabad is considered one of the most luxurious and high-Fi sectors within the capital city of Pakistan where many extravagant housing societies are already present.

So Garden Residence is right in front of the Capital park and Fatima Jinnah park which is a distance of a few minutes from the Islamabad presidency.

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While living in this beautiful and aesthetic society, you can enjoy the refreshing scenery of Fatima Jinnah Park, Margalla hills, and capital avenue easily.

Moreover, while living here, you can easily access all the important areas of Islamabad as all these areas are within a few minute’s drive away from here. This adds value to the investment as well as for living purposes.

Some of the important areas surrounding the Garden Residence, Islamabad are as follows:

  • Jinnah Avenue
  • Fatima Jinnah Park
  • Capital park
  • Sukh Chayn residence
  • Silver oaks Residence
  • DHA Islamabad
  • Margalla Hills

So for the best living experience that too in the elite class as well as the natural environment, Garden Residence is an upcoming favorite housing scheme.

Types of available Apartments in Garden Residence Islamabad

The Garden Residence is an apartment-based housing project. Here you will find the following three types of apartments:

  1. 1 bedroom apartments
  2. 2 bedroom apartments
  3. 3 bedroom apartments

These apartments are further divided into many types according to the difference in their sizes.

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All of these apartments are super spacious, extra luxurious, and internationally designed with a scenic view of the Margalla hills.

This provides you an opportunity to live in a dominant, naturally beautiful, and eco-friendly area along with every facility of world-class living at your doorstep.

Here we will let you explore in detail, each type of apartment.

1 Bedroom apartments

These apartments are available in a total of 11 different types. These are named:

  • A-01
  • A-02
  • A-03
  • A-04
  • A-05
  • A-06
  • A-07
  • A-08
  • A-09
  • A-10
  • A-11

All these apartments have 1 bedroom with bathroom, powder room and spacious parking space.

The only difference between these types is the total area.

2 bedroom apartments

These 2-bedroom apartments are available in a total of 7 types.  These are named:

  • B-01
  • B-02
  • B-03
  • B-04
  • B-05
  • B-06
  • B-07

These apartments have two bathrooms, a powder room, and spacious car parking, with the difference of only sizes.

3 bedroom apartments

These apartments are super spacious with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. These are the best choice for somehow bigger families.

Along with the bedrooms, the spacious parking area and the powder room are there too.

These are available in five sizes and are named as:

  • C-01
  • C-02
  • C-03
  • C-04
  • C-05
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Why Garden Residence Islamabad Is The Best Choice For Your Next Home, Sweet Home?

  • Ghayyor Obaid Architect on a designer panel
  • Eco-friendly residence for a sustainable living experience
  • Beautiful surroundings with the scenic views
  • High- profile area in the best sector of the country
  • Easily accessible from nearby areas
  • Only 25% area is for residential purposes and the rest of 75% is reserved for recreational purposes and healthy lifestyle
  • All year open swimming pool
  • Café lounge, for your taste buds’ satisfaction
  • Long tennis courts for the healthy you
  • Wide Badminton court
  • International level gyms and the fitness center
  • Free spacious and secured car parking in every apartment
  • Cycling track for the residents
  • Amphitheater, innovative addition to your life
  • Snooker club
  • Double, triple value in the upcoming years
  • Long Squash court
  • Spacious Table tennis with the guest sitting area
  • Wide area Basketball court
  • 24/7 uninterrupted Electricity, gas supply, and water supply
  • Fearless living within the high-security boundary wall
  • Complete tile flooring
  • Lifts and cargos for easy movement of the residents
  • Modern and minimalist, international standard architecture
  • A guaranteed profit-yielding project
  • Safe and secured lockers for your valuables
  • Self Laundry service center
  • Safe daycare center for the working couples
  • Peaceful Library for the book lovers

Current status of the Garden Residence

The Garden Residence Islamabad has not been launched yet. Its launching date is still unknown but it is expected that it is going to be launched soon.

That’s the reason why the payment plans and the prices of this housing scheme are still unknown. The official site of the housing project has updated the amenities and master planning behind this splendid real estate project only, till now.

We have kept an eye on the developmental status of Garden Residence Islamabad, and surely will let you know whenever the booking starts shortly.

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Thus, Garden Residence is an upcoming luxurious and modernist lifestyle guaranteed housing society in the beautiful valley of the Margalla hills. With all the international-level amenities, within a safe and secured boundary wall, it is going to be an excellent living and investment opportunity for better life-seeking people.

In our view, Garden Residence is going to be a super hit housing scheme and profit-generating investment option. What do you think about it? Do you think it will be able to make its mark amid all the high-class residential societies in its surrounding?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. We will be more than happy to hear your views.

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