J7 Emporium

J7 Emporium a project of J7 group located in B-17 Islamabad. The project is a residential and commercial project offering apartments, penthouses, corporate offices, and commercial shops in B17 Islamabad.

J7 Emporium

J7 Emporium is a multi purpose real estate project which is further divided into different sections. In J7 emporium there are J7 Homes, J7 Loft, J7 Life, J7 Panorama, J7 Corp, & J7 Mega Mall. This mega project covers an area of approx. 23 kanals on which this modern architectural project will be constructed.


The project is sited at excellent location of sector B17 Islamabad only 10 minutes away from CPEC motorway interchange. The project has easy access to all the areas of twin cities. The project is only 15 minutes away from E11 Islamabad and 30 minutes away from zero point Islamabad. Islamabad Toll Plaza and Saddar Rawalpindi is also few minutes away from J7 Emporium.

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Neighboring Locations

  • Taxila
  • Wah Cantt
  • Tarnol
  • Margalla Avenue
  • Sanjani
  • G-15 Islamabad
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J7 Homes

In J7 homes there are luxury Studio, 1 Bed, 2 Bed, and 3 bed apartments & luxurious Penthouses of different sizes available at reasonable rates. All these apartments and Penthouses have provision of world-class amenities to facilitate the residents. You can enjoy amazing panoramic views of the city from balconies of the apartments/Penthouses. The quality of construction, finishes and fittings of the whole project are according to the international construction standard.

J7 Loft

In J7 Loft there are luxury 5 start hotel apartments to deliver the unmatched luxury to the resident of the hotel. A modern banquet hall is also part of J7 loft to host the private and public events. You can host weddings, fashion shows, private functions, mehfils, birthday functions, anniversaries in Banquet Hall.

J7 Life

In J7 Life there is a swimming pool, and play land for kinds on this floor.

J7 Panorama

The J7 Panorama is a high quality bridge with glass flooring, walls and celling so that you can enjoy a 360 view of the city.

J7 Corp

On the J7 corp. floor there are well-planned offices and co working spaces for business and organizations. In J7 corp different size of offices and working spaces are available.

J7 Mega Shopping Mall

J7 Mall is the main highlight of this whole project. There are  6 storys of the mall in total in which there are shops, food courts, restaurants, outlets of national and international brands, and much more.
6 story mall with wide atrium elevators escalators etc.

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J7 Emporium Payment Plan

In Emporium you can book your unit by paying a 25% down payment and pay the remaining amount on installments. The prices of each unit on each floor is different because of their different rate per square feet.

The rate per sq. ft. of lower ground and ground floor is Rs.48000. The rate per sq. ft. on 1st and 2nd floor is Rs.43000. The rate per sq. ft. of food-court in J7 Emporium Mall is Rs.51000. The rate per sq. ft. of J7 emporium hotel apartment is Rs.12000 and residential apartment rate is Rs.9500 per sq. ft.

In J7 emporium world-class penthouses are also available at the rate of Rs.20000 per sq. ft.

Ground Floor Level One: 48000
Ground Floor Level Two: 48000
First Floor: 43000
Second Floor: 43000
Food Court: 51000
Hotel Apartments: 12000
Residential Apartments: 9500
Penthouses: 20000

*The amount listed above is in Pakistani Rupee.

Extra Charges

  • Corner Unit: 10%
  • Margalla Facing Units: 5%
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Facilities & Features

  • 1st ever skywalk in Pakistan
  • Underground Parking
  • Escalators
  • Elevators
  • High quality interior designs
  • FREE Wi-Fi
  • Centrally Air Conditioned
  • Banks
  • Standby Power Generators
  • Kids Playing Area
  • Prayer Hall
  • 24/7 CCTV Surveillance
  • 4D Cinema
  • Food courts
  • Swimming Pools
  • Gymnasium
  • Spa & Sauna
  • Electricity
  • Tilled Flooring
  • Sui Gas
  • Water
  • High-quality finishes and fittings

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Booking & Details

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J7 Global

J7 Global is a mega project of the famous J7 Group. The project is a high-rise building located in Mumtaz city Islamabad only a few minutes away from M1 & M2 motorway and Islamabad International Airport.

J7 Global

J7 Global is a high-rise project of J7 Group, the project is a high-rise tower in which there are international standard shopping malls, luxury hotel suits/apartments.

J7 Global Location

The project is sited in Mumtaz city Islamabad and the face of the project is towards Main Srinagar highway. J7 Global is 500 meters away from M1 & M2 motorway only 1 kilometer away from New Islamabad International Airport.

Neighboring Locations

  • 2 kilometers away from CPEC
  • 15 kilometers from Zero Point Islamabad.
  • 20 kilometers away from Saddar Rawalpindi.

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Floor Plan

J7 Global is a well-planned and well-organized project in which each floor is reserved for a shopping mall, food court, hotel services, and hotel suits/apartments.

In J7 Global the 2 underground floors are reserved for underground
parking. The Upper 4 floors are reserved for a shopping mall.

Two floors are reserved for Food-court, Fun Land & Hotel Services.

The remaining top floors are reserved for luxury hotel suits in which there are studio, 1 bed, 2 bed, 3-bed apartments/suits are available.

J7 Global Shopping Mall

In shopping mall, there are commercial shops of different sizes available for sale. All these shops are well-planned and well-constructed shops increasing the overall beauty of the project.

J7 Global Hotel Suits/Apartments

There are Studio, 1 Bed, 2 Bed & 3 Bedroom apartments available in J7 Global Islamabad. These apartments are equipped with every feature to facilitate the residents.

Payment Plan

The rate of each unit is different because of the difference in rate per square feet of the units. Below we are sharing detailed list of all floors with their rate per square feet. You can book your unit by paying a 25% down payment and the remaining amount can be paid on installments.

Ground A Floor: Rs.50,000 rate per sq. ft.
Ground Floor: Rs.55,000 rate per sq. ft.
Third (Food Court) Floor : Rs.53,000 rate per sq. ft.
Hotel Suits/Apartments: Rs.22,000 rate per sq. ft.

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Extra Charges

  • Corner Unit: 10% Extra Charges
  • Airport Road Facing: 5% Extra Charges

Features & Facilities

  • Electricity
  • Sui Gas
  • Water
  • Passenger Lifts
  • Cargo Lifts
  • Spacious Corridors
  • Wide Atrium
  • Smart Technology equipped suits
  • Dedicated Parking for Hotel
  • Modern Infrastructure
  • Reception
  • 4D Cinema
  • Coffee Area
  • Food Court
  • Modern Gym
  • Lavish Swimming Pool
  • High-quality finishes & fittings
  • High Security

About Developers

The developer of the project is J7 Group. J7 Group is a well-known developer group in the real estate market of Pakistan. They are well-known because they have delivered many real estate projects in Rawalpindi/Islamabad. The infrastructure and planning of each project is according to international standards which shows that they have a team of well-trained professionals.

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Booking & Information

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J7 Signature

J7 Signature is a real estate project located in Mumtaz City. The project is right next to M1 & M2 motorway and can be accessed from Rawalpindi and Islamabad within few minute’s drive. J7 Signature is a project of famous developers J7 Group.


J7 Signature is located in Mumtaz City only few minutes away from Srinagar Highway. The project has easy access to all the necessary utilities and facilities.

The project J7 Signature is only 2 KM away from New Islamabad International Airport, 3 KM away from Ring Road and only 300 meters away from Motorway M1/M2.

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J7 Signature Islamabad

J7 Signature Islamabad offers commercial shops, corporate offices, hotel suits, and hotel apartments. The rate per square feet are different for shops, hotel suits and apartments.

Apartments: Rs.15,000 sq. ft.
Hotel Suits: Rs.22,000 sq. ft.
Shops: Rs.70,000 sq. ft.

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Floor Plan

In J7 Signature there are retail shops, corporate offices, hotel suits and luxury apartments. Below we are sharing information of each floor.

Ground Level 1: Retail Shops
Ground Level 2: 70% Retail Shops + 30% Food Court
First Floor: 70% Retail Shops + 30% Food Court
Second Floor: 70% Shops + 30% Food Court
Third Floor: 70% Shops + 30% Food Court
Fourth Floor: 80% Indoor Sports + 20% Food Court
Fifth Floor: Entertainment
Sixth Floor: Building Services Floor
Seventh Floor: Corporate Offices
8th – 20th Floor: Hotel Suits
21st Floor: 2 Bed Luxury Apartments
22nd Floor: 2 Bed Luxury Apartments

Offices In J7 Signature

The offices are available in 300-500 sq. ft. sizes. On corporate floors conference rooms are also available. The conference rooms are also available in 600 sq. ft. to 1000 sq. ft. sizes.

Hotel Suits In J7 Signature

3 types of hotel suites are available in J7 Signature.
i) Standard Suits
ii) Executive Suits
iii) Presidential Suits

The standard suits are available in 300-400 square feet sizes. The executive suits are available in 500-800 square feet size and the Presidential suits are available in 1500-2000 square feet size.

Apartments In J7 Signature

In J7 Signature 2 Bed apartments are available at affordable payment plan. The price per square feet of apartments is Rs.15,000.

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Payment Plan

J7 Signature offers only 2-bed apartments. The rate per square feet of the apartment is 15,000/-. In J7 Signature the rate per sq. ft. of the retail shop is Rs.70,000 and the rate per sq. ft. of the hotel suit is Rs.22,000.

J7 Group

J7 Signature is a project of famous developers of Pakistan known as J7 Group. J7 Group is a well-known real estate developer group famous because of their successful past projects in Pakistan. Their past projects are J7 Mall, J7 Emporium & J7-One Mall and now they have launched J7 Signature in Islamabad.


To facilitate the residents and shop owners the project is equipped with high-quality features and facilities.

  • Luxury Suits
  • Rooftop Golf
  • Infinity Pool
  • Fitness Club
  • Electric Charging Station
  • Shuttle Service
  • Indoor Tennis Court
  • Indoor Skate Boarding
  • Boxing Court
  • Indoor Club
  • Snooker
  • Indoor Bowling Court
  • Indoor Valley Ball
  • Indoor Squash Court
  • Cinema
  • Indoor Archery
  • Kids Club
  • Yoga & Meditation Area
  • Dental Clinic
  • Hair & Beauty Saloon
  • Spa & Sauna
  • Gymnasium
  • Banquet

Mumtaz City

Mumtaz City is a housing society located right next to M1 & M2 motorway. Mumtaz city is a well-planned society easily accessible from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Mumtaz city is offering an international standard lifestyle and the project is equipped with every facility. As mentioned above the project J7 Signature is also located in Mumtaz city,  J7 Signature will have easy access to all the nearby facilities of Mumtaz city.

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Booking & Information

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Rawalpindi Ring Road Project: Are We at a Dead End?

Key Points

  • Rawalpindi Ring Road Project is a crucial developmental project focused on improving the traffic flow in the region.
  • The project was initiated in 1991 but delayed for decades.
  • Initially, the ring road was planned as a 38km long structure extending from Grand Trunk Road (GT Road) to Thalian near Motorway.
  • A corruption scandal regarding unapproved changes to the alignment of the project has been brought forward.
  • The flagship project has not witnessed significant progress in decades and an inquiry probe is delaying it further.
  • The project is being through the Public-Private Partnership mode and the inquiry is warding off private investors.
  • The government is considering moving forward with the old alignment to develop the infrastructure.
  • No provisions for re-alignment of the project have been made in the Annual Development Program (ADP).
  • Th revised PC-1 will be expensive.
  • The incumbent has wrongly pinned the blame entirely on housing societies which is detrimental for the growth of the real estate industry.
  • Former Rawalpindi Commissioner and land acquisition collector have been arrested by the Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) for their involvement in the scandal.

Urbanization is a driving factor in the 21st Century that indicates the socio-economic development of a region. Traffic and unmaintained roads could significantly hinder the growth of a region by causing unnecessary delays and warding off investment opportunities.

The twin cities of Pakistan – Rawalpindi and Islamabad, have long been known as opposites in terms of urban planning and traffic management. Traffic surveys conducted to check the road congestion and management in the city have concluded that there has been a 300% rise in traffic in the last 5 years. Spike in traffic jams and urbanization highlights the absence of adequate infrastructure and the need for the development of new roads to cater to the increasing transportation demands in Rawalpindi.

Need for the Rawalpindi Ring Road Project

The Rawalpindi Ring Road project is a brilliant plan that has witnessed excruciatingly slow growth. Initiated by the former Chief Minister of Punjab in 1991, the RRR project was put forward to facilitate the movement of vehicles between the twin cities and to provide better connectivity. The primary objective of the mega-development project, initially spanning 38 km, was to provide an outlet for excessive traffic and to serve as an economic corridor by expediting the movement of containers and vehicles. The initial plan proposed by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) involved the establishment of the road structure extending from Grand Trunk Road (GT Road) to Thalian near Motorway. However, the work on detailed planning and construction was not undertaken by any government for more than a decade.

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The first feasibility study for the project was carried out in 2008 and focused on constructing a road connecting Channi Sher Alam to Fatehjang near the New Islamabad Airport.

In 2017, the former government made progress on the RRR by directing NESPAK to conduct a fresh feasibility study and preliminary design. Nonetheless, the project was reformed after the 2018 elections as efforts were made to begin construction. Being a part of Punjab’s Vision 2025, the incumbent began taking strides to achieve its goals and improve the existing condition of Rawalpindi’s infrastructure.

But, like Quaid-e-Azam said in his address to the constituent assembly; bribery and corruption are poison and our situation is dire regarding the two. Unfortunately, our development is slow more than 7 years after independence and the RRR is no exception. Neglect, corruption, improper planning, and lack of understanding of the procedural framework are the reasons why the paramount project has been delayed for 2 decades.

Alignment, Inquiry and the Government’s Role

 After the work began on the project, news of unauthorized Rawalpindi ring road alignment surfaced and Prime Minister Imran Khan immediately halted the bidding process which was to start in March 2021 and called for an investigation. An official inquiry report was formulated and stated that there has been an ‘illegal’ change in the alignment of the Rawalpindi ring road project as the length of the project was altered from 35 – 40km to 65km after the feasibility tests conducted by Zeeruk International. Consequently, large amounts of funds were released.

Significant changes to the existing Rawalpindi Ring Road map were suggested by the Zeeruk International. It was suggested the 38km ring road be extended beyond its original route to comply with the NHA standards and for technical improvements. The ring road was aligned to include Paswal Zig Zag and Attock loop.

The matter of concern was that the changes were made without any official approval of the Chief Minister Punjab (Official Report) regarding the alignment and that the alignment was done for rent-seeking purposes and to benefit influential political personalities and private housing societies.

The following concerning findings have been reported:

  • Housing societies have generated more than RS 130 billion through property deals in the last 4 years.
  • The government has also already paid Rs.2.3 billion to landowners for land acquisition.
  • More than 8000 kanals of land has been acquired and compensation has been paid for nearly half of it. Attempts to retrieve the compensation will result in a legal battle that could continue for years and derail the project.

Rawalpindi Ring Road Map

The map of the Rawalpindi ring road (RRR) is not finalized yet.

What Lies Ahead for the Rawalpindi Ring Road Project

Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan in an address to the media stated that the RRR is projected to begin its developments by August of 2021 but the accuracy of this statement is questionable. A senior person at RDA stated that it is unlikely for the project to make progress in the fiscal year 2021-2022 and that its future is uncertain. However, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed claimed that the RDA has finished designing the project and that it will be completed within a year. The differing statements of the authorities involved in RRR show the future of the project is uncertain and that there is no foolproof plan in place to proceed with it.

At the beginning of 2021, the project’s jurisdiction was shifted to the Lahore Ring Road Authority due to the incapacity of RDA to carry out the project. The initial PC-I that spanned 38km has been sent to the Punjab Government for final approval amid the investigation. While the government is trying to formulate a plan to complete the project within the initial budget set for it, the current situation is an indicator that the revised PC-I will be more expensive. This poses a problem since the government has not made any provisions for the re-alignment of the project route in the Annual Development Program. This is an issue since the ADP includes the allocated budgets, financial projections, and scheme-based portfolios of developmental projects over a period of 3 years. Furthermore, an RDA member has questioned the authenticity of the re-aligned project’s approval thus far since no consultancy firm has been hired for development planning.

An Insight into the RRR Problem

 The government has pinned the blame of the scandal majorly on housing societies which is unwise on part of the government since bureaucrats have played the highest role in changing the alignment without approval as proven by the official inquiry report and arrest of the former Rawalpindi commissioner and the land acquisition collector by the (Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE). Additionally, it is natural for real estate investors to invest in areas linked to major government development projects. Directly blaming businessmen for things in which they have no direct authority at all only deteriorate the overall investment climate of the country. And while the former Commissioner Rawalpindi said the alignment was altered on technical grounds, the report claims he was unsuccessful in following the procedural framework which ultimately led to the scandal.

In my opinion, while a probe into the matter was essential to check if any parties involved are guilty of corruption, so it can be completed seamlessly; it is also imperative that the inquiry process is finished as soon as possible to avoid warding off potential investors and any further delays. Till the completion of the inquiry and the trial, it would be difficult for the government to attract private investors which is a serious concern since the project is being financed by the Private Public Partnership (PPP) mode and the project relies on private investors for completion.

The RRR is a flagship project of the PTI government that can facilitate the movement of more than 3 million residents that reside in the twin cities. But if the parties responsible do not pick up their pace, the situation will only get worse and a half-cooked project by the time of the next elections will serve as a souvenir of the incompetence of the government and not its progress. Any progress in the project is unlikely until the investigation is concluded. The investigation is currently being spearheaded by the ACE and RDA has turned in all the relevant records required for it.

While the government made efforts to complete the project, it is clear that the inquiry and scandal have put the project on the backburner once again. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) was to fund the RRR. AIIB approved a loan of $1 billion for three major projects, including $400 million for the Rawalpindi Ring Road (RRR). However, the current government preferred financing the project through the PPP mode which has led to numerous issues involving real estate investors as proven by the scandal. It has now been reported that AIIB has delisted RRR from its financing list, leaving the task of gathering funds entirely at the mercy of investors and the government. This clearly shows that opening up an inquiry and prominently highlighting it in the media has delayed the crucial RRR project further.

The fact that no infrastructural developments have been made in the Rawalpindi district since the establishment of Metro raises valid fears regarding the project. The Leh Expressway proposed to provide an outlet for traffic congestion at Murree Road is still in the works and the allocation of inadequate funds has led experts to predict that the project will take more than 3 years to complete. Over the years, numerous traffic surveys have been conducted in the district to monitor traffic congestion. However, the suggestions have not been implemented although the government’s tenure is coming to an end.

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The aforementioned issues point to one thing, the incumbent government has not been instrumental in finishing important infrastructure projects in Rawalpindi and parts of Punjab despite their efforts. Corruption, countless delays, lack of resources and improper management have slowed the progress of not only infrastructural development, but national socio-economic development as a whole. The government needs to conclude the inquiry soon to prevent it from impacting the project any further. It is also necessary for everyone involved in the project to follow the proper legal framework while conducting business to ensure the project is completed as soon as possible.


Town Center Commercial

In Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates, Al-Ghurair Giga Group is regarded as a reputable real estate developer. Known for developing one of the biggest projects in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, it is back with another exciting new real estate project.

Town Center Commercial

Giga group has a profile of multiple successful residential and commercial projects in Islamabad and its twin cities (Rawalpindi-Islamabad).

Town Center Commercial is a commercial project in which there are well-planned units available at affordable prices. As the developers have delivered many successful projects in past.

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The experience and professionalism of their team predict that they will be able to complete this new project successfully as their past projects have been successful.

Where is Town Center Commercial Located?

The project is located at the excellent location of Downtown DHA Phase-2 Islamabad. The location is easily accessible from all the areas of Rawalpindi & Islamabad.

Shops In Town Center Commercial

As the project is commercial, commercial shops, restaurants, gaming zones, Karate clubs, Pharmacies, and Clinics are in this project.

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Price of Shop in Town Center Commercial

As the project is in its pre-launch stage right now it’s the best chance for you to avail this opportunity and book your shop in this latest real estate project. You can book your shop on a 1-year easy installments plan.

Keep visiting us we will update more information about this project as soon as the project moves to the next stage of the launch.








Goldcrest Views

Goldcrest Views is going to change the face of high-rise buildings in Islamabad. The new project is being launched by well-known Al-Ghurair Giga Pakistan Private Limited. Goldcrest Views Islamabad is a state-of-the-art three high-rise towers offering international standard luxury apartments and Penthouses

Goldcrest Views Islamabad

Apartment for sale in Islamabad

In Pakistan, everyone is willing to live in a city like Islamabad because the life of Islamabad is peaceful and surrounded by beautiful Margalla hills and nature views. As the demand for living in the city is increasing the demand for homes/apartments is also increasing resulting in the boom of the real estate prices.

If you are also someone who wants to live in Islamabad It’s the best chance for you to book your apartment in Goldcrest Views

There are many housing projects in Islamabad but we will share 4 main points on why you should book your apartment in Goldcrest views?

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  1. The project is located in the excellent location of DHA-2 Islamabad
  2. It’s the upcoming Islamabad’s tallest residential project.
  3. You can book your apartment at Pre-launch rates which is a plus because as soon as the project is launched the prices of the apartments will increase fast.
  4. You can enjoy beautiful views of Islamabad city & Margalla Hills from your apartment window.

The best luxury apartments available in Rawalpindi-Islamabad are at Goldcrest Views, where you can enjoy high-quality amenities and live a peaceful and luxurious lifestyle. This project is being developed by the Giga Group, one of the most renowned international real estate firms in the world. There are more than 400 studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments and luxury Penthouse at Goldcrest Views, all with luxurious finishes, modern amenities, and spacious floor plans.

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Studio Apartments

The studio apartments are categorized in 4 types according to the size of the apartment. Below we are sharing list of all the apartments types with sizes in square feet’s that will help you understand the size of the apartment easily.

  • Type 1: 535 sq. ft.
  • Type 2: 443~487 sq. ft.
  • Type 3: 664 sq. ft.
  • Type 4: 454~500 sq. ft.

1 Bedroom Apartments

Below we are sharing list of all types of 1 Bed apartments with sizes that will help you understand the types of the apartments easily.

  • Type 1: 1129~1231 sq. ft.
  • Type 2: 1130 sq. ft.
  • Type 3: 1092 sq. ft.
  • Type 4: 1004 sq. ft.
  • Type 5: 1121 sq. ft.

2 Bedroom Apartments

Below we are sharing list of all types of 2 Bed apartments with sizes that will help you understand the types of the apartments easily.

  • Type 1: 1471~1500 sq. ft.
  • Type 2: 1250~1461 sq. ft.
  • Type 3: 1539 sq. ft.
  • Type 4: 1248~1411 sq. ft.

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3 Bedroom Apartments

The 3 Bed apartments in Goldcrest views are available in 4 different sizes. Below we are sharing list of all the 4 sizes that will help you understand the types of the apartments easily.

  • Type 1: 2308~2428 sq. ft.
  • Type 2: 2308~2356 sq. ft.
  • Type 3: 2138 sq. ft.
  • Type 4: 2065 sq. ft.

4 Bedroom Apartments

The 4 bedroom apartments in Goldcrest Views are available in 2 sizes only.

  • Type 1: 3044 sq. ft.
  • Type 2: 3865 sq. ft.

Luxury Penthouses

In Goldcrest Views there are international standard, Penthouses available. These Penthouses are huge and are equipped with all the world-class facilities that someone need to live and ideal and luxury lifestyle. The Penthouse size is 8532 sq. ft.

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Where is Goldcrest Views Located?

Goldcrest Views is ideally located in Giga downtown DHA 2 Islamabad. Giga Mall and the main G.T road are a few minutes away from the location of Goldcest Views. 

Apartments In Goldcrest Views

In Goldcrest Views there are Studio, 1 Bed, 2 Bed, 3 Bed, & 4 Bed luxury apartment and Duplex. Luxury Penthouses are also available at per-launch prices for limited time only. Its the best opportunity for you to avail Pre-launch rates.

If you are an investor it’s the best chance for you to book your apartments in Goldcrest Views at pre-launch rates. As soon as the construction work of the project starts the prices of the apartments and Penthouses will increase fast which will result in huge profits.

What is the price of an Apartment In Goldcrest Views?

The rate/square feet of units in Goldcrest views is Rs.19,250. You can avail 20% discount offer which is available for a limited time only. The discounted rate/square feet is Rs.15,400.

If you are interested in booking your apartment/Penthouse or you want more details regarding the Goldcrest Views Payment Plan you can contact us.

For Booking & Information:

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How is Goldcrest Views Unique?

Goldcrest Views Apartments will be equipped with all the amenities that someone needs to live a joyous life. The amenities include 24/7 electricity, Sui gas, clean water, a mosque, children’s play area, high-speed lifts, cargo lifts, and much more.

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Giga Group Award

The Giga Group developers have delivered this same project in Dubai and because of their state-of-the-art development and high-quality construction, they have won the award of Best High-rise Development In Dubai.

Giga Group Award 2008

Goldcrest Views Video


DHA Quetta

A housing scheme for Baluchistan named DHA Quetta Smart City has been launched in Quetta by the Defense Housing Authority (DHA). According to the authorities, the project is a well-planned state-of-the-art housing project equipped with all the world-class facilities.

DHA Quetta | DHA Quetta Plot For Sale

DHA Quetta Plot For Sale

In DHA Quetta there are residential plots, commercial plots, and farmhouses land available at affordable prices.

The project is be equipped with all the world-class features and amenities that will help you to live a lavish life. International standard schools, colleges, theme parks, wide carpeted roads, Wi-Fi streets, Solar Energy, Electricity Backup Generators, and many other facilities are part of Quetta DHA.

As the project is in its initial stage the construction of the Quetta DHA main entrance is near to completion.

  • The residential plots in DHA Quetta are available in 5, 8, 10, 16 Marla, 1 Kanal & 2 Kanal sizes.
  • The commercial plots in DHA Quetta are available in 4 Marla, 8 Marla & 1 Kanal size.
  • Land for farmhouses in Quetta DHA are available in 4 Kanal, 5 Kanal, and 8 Kanal sizes.

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For Booking & Information:

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DHA Quetta File Rate

There are 2 types of files available for sale in the Quetta real estate market. As the project construction is moving forward the prices of DHA Quetta files are increasing.

  • DHA Quetta Open Affidavit File
    An open affidavit file is a file that DHA provides to the landlord/buyer of the plot. The affidavit file is an open file and doesn’t have any owner’s name on it.

The price of DHA Quetta 1 Kanal affidavit file is approximately 46 lac rupees but due to high demand, it is hard to find DHA Quetta files for sale right now.

  • DHA Quetta Allocation File
    When you pay the membership fee and allocation fee of Quetta DHA the authorities will issue an allocation letter on your name, now you are a member of DHA Quetta, and the affidavit file is now transferred on your name.

DHA Quetta 1 Kanal file price is approximately 44 lac rupees but due to high demand, it is hard to find a file right now.

How to Transfer DHA Quetta Affidavit File to Allocation File?

If you want to transfer this Open file/Affidavit file on your name you can pay the DHA membership Fee and allocation fee to transfer this open file on your name. When you pay the allocation and membership fee DHA authority will issue an allocation letter on your name.

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DHA Quetta Latest News

As the project is moving towards completion the value of the plot for sale in DHA Quetta is increasing fast. Not only the plot prices but also DHA Quetta file rates are increasing. It’s the best chance for you to invest in this ideal housing project to get maximum profits.
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DHA Quetta Map

Quetta DHA is a well-planned housing project that is equipped with all the necessary features and facilities. This huge project is further categorized into three zones (Zone A, Zone B, & Zone C).
All the zones of Quetta DHA is well-planned and well equipped with all the amenities.

DHA Quetta Challan Form

You can download your DHA Quetta challan form by visiting this link. (Click here)

DHA Quetta Installment Plan

The authorities of DHA Quetta have separate installments plan for fillers ad non-fillers. The filler has to pay 1% tax on each payment whereas the non-filler has to pay 2% tax on each payment.
Below we are sharing a detailed DHA Quetta Installment Plan.

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DHA Quetta Residential Plot Installment Plan

5 Marla Plot
Ballot Fee: Rs.4,000
Total Price: Rs.1,782,000
1st Down Payment (10%): Rs.178,200
16 Quarterly Installments: Rs.89,100

8 Marla Plot
Ballot Fee: Rs.6,000
Total Price: Rs.2,718,000
1st Down Payment (10%): Rs.271,800
16 Quarterly Installments: Rs.135,900

10 Marla Plot
Ballot Fee: Rs.8,000
Total Price: Rs.3,285,000
1st Down Payment (10%): Rs.328,500
16 Quarterly Installments: Rs.164,250

16 Marla Plot
Ballot Fee: Rs.10,000
Total Price: Rs.4,896,000
1st Down Payment (10%): Rs.489,600
16 Quarterly Installments: Rs.244,800

1 Kanal Plot
Ballot Fee: Rs.12,000
Total Price: Rs.5,760,000
1st Down Payment (10%): Rs.576,000
16 Quarterly Installments: Rs.288,000

2 Kanal Plot
Ballot Fee: Rs.15,000
Total Price: Rs.1,116,000
1st Down Payment (10%): Rs.1,160,000
16 Quarterly Installments: Rs.588,000

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DHA Quetta Commercial Plot Installment Plan

4 Marla Commercial Plot
Ballot Fee: Rs.15,000
Total Price: Rs.11,430,000
1st Down Payment (10%): Rs.1,143,000
12 Quarterly Installments: Rs.762,000

8 Marla Commercial Plot
Ballot Fee: Rs.20,000
Total Price: Rs.22,050,000
1st Down Payment (10%): Rs.2,205,000
12 Quarterly Installments: Rs.1,470,000

1 Kanal Commercial Plot
Ballot Fee: Rs.25,000
Total Price: Rs.52,875,000
1st Down Payment (10%): Rs.5,287,500
12 Quarterly Installments: Rs.3,525,000

DHA Quetta Farmhouse Land Installment Plan

4 Kanal Land
Ballot Fee: Rs.30,000
Total Price: Rs.17, 000,000
1st Down Payment (20%): Rs.3,400,000
12 Quarterly Installments: Rs.637,000

5 Kanal Land
Ballot Fee: Rs.40,000
Total Price: Rs.17,125,000
1st Down Payment (20%): Rs.3,825,000
12 Quarterly Installments: Rs.717,188

8 Kanal Land
Ballot Fee: Rs.50,000
Total Price: Rs.29,400,000
1st Down Payment (20%): Rs.5,880,000
12 Quarterly Installments: Rs.1,102,500

DHA Quetta Balloting Result

The first DHA Quetta balloting ceremony was held on 14-03-2020. You can check DHA Quetta Balloting result by visiting this link (

To see the result enter your CNIC/NICOP number and press SUBMIT button.

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DHA Quetta Early Bird

Early Bird scheme is an exclusive pre-launch scheme that offers discounted rates to the first 1200 customers of DHA Quetta’s Phase I, Sector-A, which is closest to the main entrance gate.

It is part of the Early Bird Scheme. There are only 1 Kanal, 1200 plots being offered for sale in the DHA Quetta Early Bird Scheme. This exclusive discount scheme was offered for the first time in the history of DHA.

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Anyone can benefit from this DHA Quetta Early Bird scheme. In order to receive the benefits, there are some requirements and payments. In this scheme, you can invest or buy if you have an open file/affidavit, an intimation letter, or an allocation letter.

The development charges must be paid in full which is Rs.23,50,000 only. They must be paid only to authorized DHA Quetta dealers. On the DHA Quetta website, you will find a list of all the authorized dealers.