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Islamabad -Rawalpindi is becoming the hot spot for real estate projects nowadays. Every now and then new housing schemes are introduced in the real estate market but only a few projects are able to grab the attention of potential customers.

Here we are telling you about a brand new, super luxurious, extra spacious, internationally standard built housing scheme that aims to provide you a world-class living experience in a safe and secure environment. Moreover, the project is highly eco-conscious so no damage is expected to the local natural environment.

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This amazing housing scheme is Tab City, which is going to be a great success because of its affordability, sustainability, reliability, and security. So let’s explore in detail, Tab City and its elite-class amenities that the residents will enjoy while living here!

TAB City

Trusted Owners and developers behind Tab City Rawalpindi

The owners and the developers of any real estate project matter a lot to the customers who are looking forward to investing in safe and secured projects amid the frauds in the real estate market.

For this purpose, we have brought all the essential information about the owners and the developers of Tab City Rawalpindi and we are sure you will be amazed to know about them!

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Tab City Rawalpindi is the project of the Tab Group. The owner of Tab Group is Mr.Taimoor Sultan, who is an ex-army Colonel. He got many awards and nominations while serving in the Pakistan army. From 2020, he is now leading Tab group which is a registered real estate and construction company in Pakistan. Tab group has numerous experts ranging from engineers to builders, designers to architects, property managers to legal affairs officers, etc. This group works not only in the construction sector but also provides its expertise in legal and financial areas of the real estate market.

Before Tab City Rawalpindi, the Tab group successfully initiated Tab10, which was a Luxurious and spacious apartment-based project in the Faisal Margalla city, Islamabad. Tab10 will be completed by 2023 hopefully. People perceived it as an amazing addition to the real estate market of Islamabad. This project’s ongoing success adds to the customer’s trust in the owners of Tab City Rawalpindi, too.

In the Pakistan real estate market, a BIG RUMOR is circulating that Maulana Tariq Jameel and his son Maulana Yousef Jameel are the partners in the tab city housing project which is WRONG.

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Tab City Launching

Tab City Rawalpindi was officially launched on 05 September 2022. This was a close ceremony attended by owners, developers, and real estate-related businesses. With this launching, Tab City Rawalpindi introduced its first block, Mustafa Block, for pre-booking.

The official Grand opening is yet to happen….

It is proposed that the official and mega groundbreaking ceremony of this affordable and amazing housing scheme will be held soon.

With the official groundbreaking ceremony, we are expecting that the owners will introduce new blocks as well as commercial areas too, for this project for booking purposes.

Tab City Rawalpindi Prime and easily accessible Location

Location is one of the many factors that ensure the success of the real estate project. The Return on investment (ROI) is linked to the location of the project. Over time, the value of the real estate schemes gets multiplied according to the area.

For Tab City, you do not have to worry at all about the location issue as it is located at the prime location of main GT road which is the hot spot for real estate housing schemes and investments nowadays. Dhoke kharian Rawalpindi is the nearest point to this project. Some of the nearby places of Tab City are as follows:

  • Rawat police station
  • Rawat railway station
  • Channi Alam Sher
  • Giga Mall
  • New metro city Gujjar khan
  • DHA Phase 3
  • DHA Phase 5

If we talk about the accessibility of Tab City, that too is not an issue at all! This wonderful housing society is easily accessible from various routes and roads.

Some of the roads that provide easy and smooth access to tab City without the hurdles of traffic jams are as follows:

  • Mile road
  • Kalar Syeden road
  • Islamabad expressway
  • Mandara toll plaza
  • M2 (Lahore Islamabad Motorway)
  • Kahuta road
  • Sanghori Sarwar Shaheed road
  • Rawat chakbeli road etc
NOC (No-Objection Certificate)

The developers are confident that they will soon get No-Objection Certificate from all the government authorities including Rawalpindi Development Authority.

An outstanding Master plan of Tab City Rawalpindi

The total area of Tab City is estimated to be around 15000 Kanal. This is a huge area indeed. Although only one block is introduced by the management of the society at the moment, by looking at this vast area, we can expect a lot out of this luxurious housing scheme. A team of expert engineers, interior designers, architects, etc have proposed the master plan of Tab City which will surely offer the best quality in the market.

The whole society will be divided into various blocks along with separate areas for commercial activities. The master plan has greenery as an important element to ensure an eco-friendly environment. Sustainable life insurance is also another part of the master plan.

Smooth roads and carpeted boulevards are there to enhance your living experience.  Refreshing green belts all along the roads and houses will soothe your eyes.

All the everyday necessities are to be provided within the secured boundary so that you would not have to go out of your heaven. With the official inauguration, we expect the full details of the master plan.

What Tab City Rawalpindi is offering you?

Tab City Rawalpindi is an upcoming state-of-the-art real estate project which will consist of every essence of the modern and sustainable life of the present and the future era. Tab City Rawalpindi has a vast variety to offer you which will make you fall in love with it. As we have already told you above that the official groundbreaking ceremony will unfold new and hidden details of this housing scheme, that’s why, at the moment, we know only about one residential block of this project which is the Mustafa block.

In the Mustafa block, there are 4 categories of residential plots being introduced by the owners and developers.

Residential Plots

  1. 5 Marla residential plot
  2. 7 Marla residential plot
  3. 10 Marla residential plot
  4. 1 Kanal residential plot

Along with the above-mentioned plot categories, it is estimated that the owners will introduce new residential plot types for the diverse background people to choose from.

Commercial plots

At the moment, there is no update about the commercial plot details, booking procedure, or payment plans, on the official site of the project. It is expected by a lot of people that their launching would be done in the Grand groundbreaking ceremony on 15 September 2022.

As Tab City Rawalpindi aims to provide all the world-class features along with everyday necessities at the doorstep, we can expect that the commercial areas of it, would be well equipped with every elite-class facility for the residents of Tab City.

From high-class shopping areas to world-renowned eateries, from business centers to sports opportunities, we can expect everything super exciting in this golden project.

How to book your dream house here?

As the pre-booking is going on in full swing in Tab City Rawalpindi for the only proposed block, the Mustafa block, we are here to tell you how can you book your dream plot in this highly recommended society at the moment.

For the booking of a plot in this lucrative project, you must have the following documents:

  • Your passport-size photographs
  • Your CNIC
  • Your next to Kin CNIC (for verification purposes)
  • A fully filled application form is available on the official website of Tab City
  • Down payment ( this amount will vary according to the size and type of plot you want to book for yourself)

You have to take these documents along with your 20% down payment amount, to the head office of Tab City Rawalpindi, and your first step to getting your Own Home will be done!

Plots In TAB City Rawalpindi

The project is yet to be launched soon. According to the initial updates the groundbreaking ceremony of the project will be held on 15th September 2022.

According to initial news, the project will have 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal residential plots whereas the size of the commercial plot is not yet confirmed. We will update the latest update as soon as the project is launched officially.

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Easy and affordable payment plan of Tab City Rawalpindi

The owners and developers of Tab City Rawalpindi have introduced a very affordable payment plan for their incoming customers. By keeping in view the ongoing inflation in Pakistan, when even buying everyday essentials has become harder for the masses, Tab group is trying its best to give you the keys to your Own Home.

For booking a residential plot in the Mustafa block of Tab City, you have to pay around 20% down payment of the total amount of the plot which will vary according to the size of your choice.

Then the rest of the amount is easily payable in the next three years’ installments that are quite flexible. By the end of three years from booking, you will be a Proud Owner of your home in a lavish vicinity!

Here we are giving you details about the total price of the plot, the down payment amount, and the amount of the monthly installment which you will have to pay according to plot sizes.

  • For 5 Marla plot

For this residential plot, you have to pay around 455,000 Pakistani rupees as a down payment. Then the monthly installments will be 36, each of around 50,555 Pakistani rupees.

The total price of this 5-Marla plot is  22,75,000 Pakistani rupees.

  • For 7 Marla plot

This 7 Marla residential plot at Tab City Rawalpindi is available at the most amazing price of 30,80,000 Pakistani rupees. It too has, 36 monthly installments, of 68,444 Pakistani rupees, spanning over three years. The down payment is around 616,000 Pakistani rupees which are 20% of the total price of the plot.

  • For 10 Marla plot

This 10 Marla spacious residential plot at Tab City Rawalpindi is available for you at only 45,20,000 Pakistani rupees. You can book it with the 20% down payment which makes up around  850,000 Pakistani rupees. The monthly installments will be 94,444 Pakistani rupees which have to be paid for the next 36 months.

  • For 1 Kanal plot

If you are looking forward to building your home, sweet home an extra spacious and luxurious, you can opt for the 1 Kanal residential plot. This will be an ideal choice for big families. Here you can book it for yourself at only 8200,000  Pakistani rupees. The monthly installments will be 36 in total each of around 182,222 Pakistani rupees. The down payment is around 1640,000 Pakistani rupees which are 20% of the total price of this 1 Kanal plot.

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Luxurious and world-class Amenities at an affordable price

Tab City Rawalpindi is aiming to provide its customers with all the amenities that one can expect from an outstanding real estate project. This will surely attract not only the local population but also the foreigners to invest here.

So let’s look with us, which high-class facilities are waiting for you in the boundary of Tab City!

  • 24/7 uninterrupted electricity and gas supply
  • Water reservoir and water filtration plants
  • Highly secured gated community
  • Beautiful smooth roads
  • Lush greenery throughout the project
  • Numerous Mosque
  • High-class Educational facilities
  • Top class Health care facilities
  • Business opportunities
  • Green belts
  • Easy accessibility from twin cities
  • Splendid infrastructure
  • Smooth roads and boulevards
  • Underground electric and water fitting
  • Theme park
  • Spacious graveyards
  • High-end materials usage
  • Eco-friendly environment
  • High-class surrounding
  • Recreational activities within the secured boundary etc

Along with these lucrative facilities, there is a lot more to explore in Tab City which will be announced soon with the official groundbreaking ceremony.

Why it is HIGH TIME to book your HOME, SWEET HOME in Tab City Rawalpindi?

  • New project

At the moment, Tab City is a relatively new project in Rawalpindi. So it is easily available without the hustle and bustle. So it’s high time to rush and book your own home!

  • Guaranteed profit in upcoming times

The ideal location of Tab City is something that vouches for its guaranteed profit in upcoming times. So it is a golden opportunity to get maximum benefit in the future.

  • The best option for the passive income source

Even if you do not want to buy a home for yourself, you can opt for it as a passive income source. Real estate projects are the best option for this purpose and here you can easily have them at minimum cost.

  • Relatively lower prices as compared to surrounding projects

As compared to the surrounding housing schemes of Tab City, you have surely noted that its price is lower. The prices will go up in the upcoming days surely, that’s why it is high time now to book the plot here.

  • All the world-class facilities within secured boundary

Only a few housing schemes can guarantee the availability of all the everyday life necessities and the Tab City is one of them. Here you will not have to worry about anything at all as every facility is at your doorstep and you don’t have to go outside the secured boundary.

  • Reliable owners mean your investment is in safe hands

There are just a few real estate projects in the market right now which can ensure you the best quality with reliability.  Tab City is backed up by a famous religious personality’s son as well as the Tab group , which is a credible firm. So it is the best option to invest in such a secured project in recent times.

 Numerous Pros and a Few negligible Cons!

Pros of Tab City Rawalpindi

  • Economical housing scheme at the prime location
  • World-class living experience
  • Smooth traffic with the fuss of city life
  • IBC standard built the project with earthquake resistance
  • A peaceful location with a natural environment
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable real estate project
  • Top Educational facilities within and surrounding
  • Guaranteed profit-yielding investment
  • Easy and affordable installment plans
  • Diverse types of plots to choose from
  • Reliable owners and developers
  • A safe investment for the secured future
  • High-tech security system
  • Uninterrupted power and water supply
  • No water shortage issue
  • Easily accessible from twin cities and nearby landmarks
  • Various recreational activities options for residents
  • Numerous commercial activities options for businesses

Few cons of Tab City Rawalpindi

  • It is wrongly perceived as one of the most expensive real estate projects in Rawalpindi
  • The NOC has to be issued soon. As the owners are quite reliable people, so we are expecting its issuance soon.
  • The construction has to be begun after the official groundbreaking ceremony. That’s why some people are not trusting on this project. As the official groundbreaking is on 15 September 2022, we are expecting its construction to begin soon.
  • The owners have introduced only the Mustafa block till now. With the official inauguration, we can expect that more blocks will be introduced. Moreover, new commercial areas will be proposed soon.
  • It is wrongly perceived as some far-flung area. However, it is easily accessible in reality. With the construction of Ring Road, it will be accessible within no time.

Although, people always get worried about new projects Tab City Rawalpindi is aiming to remove all the confusion from peoples’ minds. It has some cons, but only at the moment. After the official inauguration and issuance of the No Objection Certificate (NOC), we can expect that there will be no doubt remaining in the mind of the people about it.


In a nutshell, Tab City Rawalpindi is going to be a valuable addition to the real estate market of Rawalpindi. This luxurious housing scheme by reliable owners and equipped with all the world-class amenities of modern life can be the best option for your next home. Its affordable payment plan aims to make you the owner of your dream homes so it’s high time to book your plot here. Otherwise, the prices will surely raise in the coming days.

We hope you liked this detailed blog about TAB CITY. Share your views that which things make it reliable and unique for potential buyers.

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