Taj Residencia

There is no doubt that the real estate market is growing by the minute in Pakistan. It is highly profitable, which is why more and more investors are gaining interest in the real estate market and creating new housing schemes. But this does not change the fact that every real estate project cannot be a great success. The success of a project depends upon the quality provided by the seller to the buyer.

As we talk about quality real estate projects in the market, especially at a strategic location in the capital city, we must discuss the Taj Residencia. It is a unique, high-profile housing scheme that promises an international standard of living within Pakistan with its top-notch infrastructure and master planning.

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An Incredible Project by the Developers of the Centaurus Mall

The Taj Residencia is a project of the Sardar Group of Companies (Typically known as SGC). This trustworthy name is the one behind Islamabad’s much-acclaimed commercial and residential project, The Centaurus Mall – a hallmark of the capital city. This international-level mall reflects the success and prestige of the SGC Group for real state projects.

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The Sardar Group of Companies was formally involved in trading and renting vehicles. However, they established themselves in the field of the real estate market and proved themselves as exceptional leaders in the industry. The great success of the Centaurus Mall motivated them to embark on another real estate project, and in this way, Taj Residencia came into being.

Their vision is to transform the real estate market of Pakistan as per international standards. By observing the level of perfection of the Centaurus Mall project, buyers and investors are optimistic about the success of Taj Residencia, too, and undoubtedly, they have good reasons for it.

The Exact location of the project

The Taj Residencia comes under the umbrella of RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) as it is located on the Bhata Road, near the I-14 and I-15 sectors of Islamabad. Because of this, we can say that this project is strategically situated at one of the goldmine locations of Pakistan, right between Islamabad and Rawalpindi, which makes it 100x more valuable than any other society.

Easily Accessible and nearby landmarks of the Taj Residencia

Taj Residencia is easily accessible from various points. Located on the Bhata Road, you can reach it easily via Srinagar Highway (29 min drive), M-2 Motorway (25 min drive ), Chakra Road (5 min drive), New Islamabad International Airport (31 min drive), and G-T Road (25 min drive).

Concerning nearby locations, Taj Residencia is situated near Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Afshan Colony, Allama Iqbal Colony, Minsrial, etc.

 Wide Range of Residence Options for You to Choose From

The total area allocated for Taj Residencia is about 1907 kanals, but further expansion is expected. RDA has presently allocated around 10,000 Kanal of space after approving its No Objection Certificate (NOC).

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  • Plots

Taj Residencia provides you with extensive residential plots to choose from to suit your needs and tastes. For instance:

  • Standard plots
  • Corner plots
  • Park facing plots
  • Boulevard plots

The special plot categories have an extra amount added to the original cost of the plot. For instance, an additional 10% would be charged for every corner, park facing, and boulevard plot.

With reference to size, buyers have the following options to choose from:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal
  • Dream Villas
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Dream Villas are ready-made villas that Taj Residencia offers to its valuable clients. They are equipped with modern facilities and amenities to suit the lifestyle of the contemporary world. It also provides an extensive range to choose from according to the requirements and budget of the buyers. For instance:

  • 14 Marla Villa
  • 10 Marla Villa
  • 10 Mediterranean Villa
  • 10 Marla modern Villa
  • 10 Marla Eclectic Villa
  • 1 Kanal Villa
  • 1 Kanal model Villa

Like the prices of the plots, the prices of each villa vary with the category they belong to. The park-facing estate would cost you around 10% extra, while the boulevard and corner villa will be 15% more costly than the standard villa.

Why you must invest in the Taj Residencia?

  • Flexible payment plans

Taj Residencia offers you a flexible payment plan to enable you to become an owner of a luxurious residence. You can easily book a great plot or villa with just a 20% down payment in this society. The remaining amount will be converted into installments, and the good news is, the first installment will be paid after six months. Moreover, if you pay the total amount, you will get a discount of up to 6% on the full amount.

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  • Beautiful Scenery and Eco-friendly environment

Taj Residencia is located in a beautiful area, away from the chaos of city life, in a calm and serene environment. The developers aim to make it lush green by keeping a significant expanse for parks, botanical gardens, green belts, and mini-golf courses to add to the location’s natural beauty. So, if you want to live in a naturally gorgeous area equipped with top-notch facilities, Taj Residencia would be your ultimate goal.

  • World Class infrastructure

Taj Residencia aims to provide an international-level lifestyle to its residents. For this purpose, they have hired a team of highly qualified designers to make its plan a great success. They are using the most high-grade quality material combined with contemporary designs to fulfill the high expectations attached to the project.

  • High-quality fixtures and appliances

Dream villas of the Taj Residencia offer high-quality fixtures and appliances to the residents. The materials used to make buildings and estates are of durable quality to ensure the safety of the residents in the best possible way. The infrastructure adheres to international safety guidelines and is built to withstand earthquakes and natural disasters in the region.

  • Underground wiring and 24/7 power backup system

One of the most prominent features of this project is its impeccable underground wiring system. There is nothing above ground, whether electric wires, gas lines, or water supply pipes. Moreover, society has a backup power station to supply continuous power 24/7 in case of power cuts. In short, you can not imagine a power shortage issue within the boundaries of Taj Residencia.

  • NOC from RDA

The area of Taj Residencia comes under Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA); that’s why the authority has issued its no-objection certificate. This NOC is sufficient to build investors’ trust in the security of their money and the project’s credibility.

  • Safe Accommodation

Taj Residencia is a safe and secure housing society. It is a gated community with checking and surveillance systems. You can roam freely within the project’s boundary without worrying about thefts or crimes. There would be no concept of street crimes in Taj Residencia because of its security staff and 24/7 monitoring via CCTV cameras.

  • All amenities within the boundary

Within Taj Residencia, you won’t have to go outside to fulfill your needs because everything is nearby. From sky-rise malls to high-tech business hubs, lush green gardens to mini-golf courses, high standard clubs to top-notch health care facilities, entertainment to education institutions – all aspects of a modern luxurious lifestyle are found in the society.

  • Sports Area and a Mini Golf course

In the Taj Residencia, you won’t have to worry about space for your sports activities as vast land has already been allocated for indoor and outdoor sports activities. Within this sports area, you will find a football stadium, cricket stadium, badminton court, indoor sports area, and a mini-golf course which is spread over an expansive area to soothe your eyes with its lush green color.

  • Educational district

Like the sports area, spacious land has also been allocated for educational purposes. Various schools, colleges, and other educational institutes will be built on this enormous piece of land. The vision behind it is to provide all the educational facilities within the project boundary so that residents don’t have to go to nearby cities to gain an education.

  • International level health Care Facilities

Taj Residencia aims to provide reliable health care facilities of an international standard to its residents. For this purpose, a health district well equipped with qualified staff and medical machinery is proposed.

  • An ideal location for investment purposes

Taj Residencia is one of the most expensive and risk-free profit-generating real estate projects in the market. Its strategic location, high standard, facilities, and security make it a hot spot for investment. The project’s prime location will see a price hike shortly, so investing in the society guarantees profit and a safe future.

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Only 2 Cons against Lots of Pros

  • Expensive as compared to other contemporary projects

Taj Residencia is undoubtedly a costly project at the moment. But, if we keep in mind the lavish lifestyle that it promises to its buyers, we can easily understand that this price is justified.

Moreover, with the rising prices of the other housing schemes situated in CDA sectors and its neighboring I-14 & I-15 sectors, we can observe that Taj Residencia is still less expensive when compared to them.

The projects presently being constructed in costly CDA sectors like Bahria Enclave and Lake View are far more expensive than Taj Residencia. Even in sectors D-12 and E-12, a plot of 500 sq. yards costs you around Rs. 31,350,000!

With excellent quality comes a great price, and this statement stands true for this project. A one-time investment in Taj Residencia ensures double and even triple profits in the future, considering the prime location and the international standard facilities.

  • Prolonged development time

The Taj Residencia is a colossal project. It includes not only residential areas but also international standard commercial hubs. This is why it is taking longer for completion as compared to its contemporary projects.

But this factor can be overlooked if we set our sights on the prize, an exemplary real estate project with every facility that one can dream of.

Quick Fact Sheet of Taj Residencia

  • Total land of 1907 Kanal (more expansion expected)
  • Safe and secure boundary
  • Tight security for residents safety
  • Grand Mosque
  • Schools, colleges, and other educational Institutes nearby
  • A commercial hub within the project
  • World-class malls and eateries
  • Centaurus 2 within the boundary
  • Flexible payment plans
  • A large variety of housing units to choose from
  • Possession is given right after three years after a 20% down payment
  • Remarkable discount of 6% on total payment
  • Mini golf course
  • One year Free Services package for all villas
  • Project’s own Royal Club for your social activities
  • Away from the chaos of city life
  • Easy accessibility to Airport and health care facilities
  • Top-notch infrastructure
  • World-class design
  • From the credible developers of Centaurus Mall
  • Guaranteed price rise in upcoming years
  • Best for investment purposes besides living
  • International level lifestyle
  • Ideal for the upper-middle, elite class, and overseas Pakistanis
  • All the facilities within the project
  • Underground lines of gas, electricity, and water
  • Water treatment plant
  • Can withstand an earthquake
  • Stand by generator
  • No worries of load shedding of gas, electricity, or water
  • Aesthetically planned for the aesthetic you
  • Lush green gardens and a pollution-free environment
  • Approved by RDA
  • Fast speed internet facility available 24/7
  • International level waste collection mechanism
  • Water and eye park
  • Wide-spaced housing areas
  • Wide parking area
  • Three years warranty of the construction
  • Advanced sewerage management system
  • Project’s botanical garden
  • The prime location of Pakistan
  • Safari and theme park
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Taj Residencia Easy Payment Plans

Taj Residencia provides you with a fantastic option to pay either the total amount or in installments. You have to pay a 20% down payment to book your dream house at the society. Moreover, if you pay the total amount, you will get a discount of about 6%.

The several payment plans for plots for various sizes are as follows:

There are two installments plans available at Taj Residencia; one is a 1.5-year plan, and the second is a 2.5-year plan. One can choose a plan according to their requirements.

  • 2.5-Years Payment Plan

The residential plot prices are ranging from 6 million Pakistani rupees to 25 million Pakistani rupees. You can book your plot by paying a 20% down payment.

Plot Size: 25×50

  • Plot Price: Rs.6,000,000
  • 20% Down Payment: Rs.600,000
  • 10 Quareterly Installment: Rs.480,000

Plot Size: 30×60

  • Plot Price: Rs.7,500,000
  • 10% Down Payment: Rs.750,000
  • 10 Quareterly Installment: Rs.600,000

Plot Size: 35×70

  • Plot Price: Rs.9,500,000
  • 10% Down Payment: Rs.950,000
  • 10 Quareterly Installment: Rs.760,000

Plot Size: 40×80

  • Plot Price: Rs.12,000,000
  • 10% Down Payment: Rs.1,200,000
  • 10 Quareterly Installment: Rs.960,000

Plot Size: 50×90

  • Plot Price: Rs.15,000,000
  • 10% Down Payment: Rs.1,500,000
  • 10 Quareterly Installment: Rs.1,200,000

Plot Size: 75×120

  • Plot Price: Rs.25,000,000
  • 10% Down Payment: Rs.2,500,000
  • 10 Quareterly Installment: Rs.2,000,000

30×40 (Commercial Plot)

  • Total Price: Rs.30,665,590
  • 10% Down Payment: Rs.3,066,590
  • 10 Quarterly Installment: Rs.2,453,272
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5-year payment plan

S.No Plot size & Type Full price 20% down payment 6 Quarterly installments
1. 25×50 (Residential) 6500,000 1950,000 758,333
2. 30×60 (Residential) 7500,000 2250,000 875,000
3. 35×70 (Residential) 9500,000 2850,000 1108,333
4. 40×80 (Residential) 12000,000 3600,000 1400,000
5. 50×90 (Residential) 15000,000 4500,000 1750,000
6. 75×120 (Residential) 25000,000 7500,000 2916,667
7. 30×40 (Commercial) 30,665,900 9199,710 3577,688
  • 5-year payment plan: 
S.No Plot size & Type Full price 20% down payment Amount after 30 days of booking 10 Quarterly installments
1. 25×50 (Residential) 6000,000 600,000 600,000 480,000
2. 30×60 (Residential) 7500,000 750,000 750,000 600,000
3. 35×70 (Residential) 9500,000 950,000 950,000 760,000
4. 40×80 (Residential) 12000,000 1,2000,000 1,2000,000 960,000
5. 50×90 (Residential) 15000,000 1,500,000 1,500,000 1200,000
6. 75×120 (Residential) 25000,000 2,500,000 2,500,000 2000,000
7. 30×40 (Commercial) 30,665,900 30,66,590 30,66,590 2453,272
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How can you book your dream house in Taj Residencia?

The booking process at Taj Residencia is easy and smooth. You don’t have to stand in the long queues waiting for your turn. All you need is:

  • Pay Order in the name of the company (20% down payment)
  • Your CNIC copy
  • Next to you Kin’s/Nominee’s CNIC copy
  • Two passport size photographs

With the documents mentioned above, you can also book online and secure your house.

Developmental Status of the Project

The development of the Taj Residencia is in full swing, but keeping in view the scale of the project, it is understandable that its completion will take more time.

In addition, you should know that four out of eleven blocks have been completed at the site. These blocks are named A, B, C, and D blocks. The owners are optimistic about giving the residents the keys to their dream house within a year. The possession of the units will be given after the three years of booking.

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We hope that you got to know the Taj Residencia in detail through the help of this blog. A lavish lifestyle at the prime location with international level amenities are things we all strive to achieve. So it’s high time to invest in the Taj Residencia to secure your dream house with a guaranteed price hike in the future.

What are your views regarding this project? Is it going to be the Next international level housing scheme of Pakistan or not?

Share with us in the comments, and we will be happy to hear your valuable views!

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I think the best thing about the society is its location which is just next to CDA sectors. The project is definitely undervalued when compared with prices in adjacet I-15 and I-16 sectors.

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